Counter-Strike 2: How to Play Workshop Maps


Counter-Strike 2: How to Play Workshop Maps?

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The latest CS2 update fixed some bugs, and it made it even more appealing to play. But, it also added one major change - the Workshop.
Are you wondering how to play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2? Here's everything you need to know.

Since its release, Counter-Strike 2 has been making waves in the gaming industry. The latest title brings a plethora of changes, but it’s still a classic CS game revolving around planting and defusing bombs.

When we talk about CS maps, the franchise is popular for its player-created custom maps, especially for b-hopping and surfing. However, a lot of players were worried when they couldn’t find an official workshop or its maps in Counter-Strike 2. However, we have some good news! Valve has stepped in and introduced a new update that brings back workshop maps to Counter-Strike 2.

If you’re wondering how to play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about custom Workshop Maps and how to play on them in CS2.

Counter-Strike 2: What are Custom Workshop Maps?

Custom Workshop Maps are levels specifically designed by players using Counter-Strike 2’s level editor. They are one of the most popular types of user-generated content in CS and range from competitive-style maps to unique creations that bring new game modes, challenges, and rules.

Valve’s Steam Workshop allows players to share and download user-created content. It’s an ultimate hub for creativity; players can create, upload, and share their custom CS 2 maps with others around the world.

How to Play Workshop Maps

Counter-Strike 2: How to Play Workshop Maps?

In the 2nd November update for CS2, Valve introduced Steam Workshop for the game, where players from around the globe can create custom maps and play with friends on community servers. Fans have welcomed the update for a number of reasons, prime among them because CS custom maps are helpful for training. CS:GO had a lot of useful custom community maps made for aim training and learning how to use smokes and sports to peek on certain maps, but these maps were not available when CS2 replaced CS: GO in September.  

It’s quite easy to play on Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to play on Workshop Maps in CS2-

  1. Launch Counter-Strike 2

  2. Head to the ‘Play’ menu

  3. Select the Steam Workshop icon. 

  4. Once you do this, the Steam Workshop will open, where you can subscribe to all custom CS2 maps created by the community.

  5. After you’ve subscribed to the map you want to play on, return to CS2, and in the Workshop Maps tab, you'll be able to view all the custom maps you have subscribed to.

  6. You can now create a room and play Counter-Strike 2 custom maps.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to play CS: GO Workshop maps in Counter-Strike 2. This is due to the fact that Valve uses Source 2 Engine for CS2, which makes all CS: GO Workshop Maps completely useless. 

With the introduction of custom Workshop Maps in CS2, the possibilities for gameplay and customization are endless. As the Workshop continues to grow with exciting maps in the near future, make sure to check back with us regularly. 

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