Best Settings to Minimize Input Lag in Counter-Strike 2

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Best Settings to Minimize Input Lag in Counter-Strike 2


The Counter-Strike 2 beta still feels clunky, and players are experiencing various issues.
A CS 2 player on Reddit has found the best way to minimize input lag and improve performance.

Counter-Strike 2’s release is just around the corner, but beta players are still experiencing a wide range of issues. Some players have reported that the game runs on lower FPS (frames per second) in reality as compared to what the counters show. There’s an infamous input lag issue that is causing frustration among beta-players. With how precise you need to be in CS, the last thing you want is input lag to ruin your games.

However, the community has found a working way to get around the input lag issue in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). Here are the best settings and ways to minimize input lag in Counter Strike-2.

How to Minimize Input Lag in Counter-Strike 2?

Beta players are experiencing massive input lag, which is making them lose their minds. It’s a problem that never existed in CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive). Millisecond actions in this game can turn the tide of the round, and you want your in-game actions to be as accurate as possible. Even though Valve said that they have removed server-side input delay with the new tick rate system, it’s still an issue for players.

FIX 1 

Game communities always manage to find fixes, and that’s the case here. Thanks to HOUNGOUNGAGNE, we have a workaround to deal with the input lag issue. It’s a fix mainly for players who have higher FPS, but here’s what you can do –

  • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel

  • Navigate To “Manage 3D Settings” in the 3D settings tab on the left

  • Choose “Program Settings” and either add or find the Counter-Strike 2 executable file

  • Go down to find “Low Latency Mode” and make sure it’s turned on

That’s the way you can reduce in-game input lag. We cannot guarantee that this will fix all your input lag issues, but many players have confirmed that this fix has helped them get a more stable performance and no input lag.


On CSGO’s subreddit, a player named Piwielle tested CS2’s video settings to see which options are causing the most input lag and narrowed it down to one setting that everyone needs to have turned off.

If we look at Piewielle’s testing, it is Vertical Vsync that is adding an additional 15 milliseconds as the input lag. Switch this off to reduce input lag, and you’ll also get better frames. You can also turn the Multisampling Anti-Aliasing mode to 8x MSAA. This can add up to 0.89 milliseconds (ms) of input lag, but it’s still far better than turning on Vertical Vsync.

Global Shadow Quality and Ambient Occlusion add 0.30 ms and 0.33 ms, respectively, so do not turn them on.

Well, that’s everything you need to know on how to minimize input lag in Counter-Strike 2. If these solutions do not work out for you, it’s important to patiently wait for Valve to fix these issues with the next set of updates

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