Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in 2021 - Essential Lineups, Detailed Guide

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Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in 2021 - Essential Lineups, Detailed Guide
  • Dust 2 is one of the oldest Counter-Strike maps and is also one of the most iconic maps ever made across all gaming titles.
  • Majority of the CS:GO players start playing the game with Dust 2, so learning all the essential smoke spots becomes all the more important.
  • Read on to find out some of the best smoke spots on Dust 2 and why they are so important.

Dust 2 is one of the most iconic gaming maps in the whole world. For the majority of the CS:GO players Dust 2 is usually the first map that they play. This makes it all the more important to know about all the essential smoke spots for the map. Despite Dust 2 being around for almost a decade, there is always a new and unique lineup to be discovered such is the beauty of CS:GO. Over the years, the map has undergone a lot of changes and even the gameplay has evolved with the shifting meta. This directly influences the utility usage, especially smoke grenades which act as the spine of every execute or retake.

Let’s take a look at some of the best smoke spots on Dust 2 that are being widely used these days, to suit the current meta of the game. This will help you achieve a better execute when attacking a site, as you will have the knowledge of certain suitable smoke spots to cover in order to gain entry.

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Best Smoke Spots on Dust 2 (2021)

Since its official release for CS:GO, Dust 2 has undergone several changes. The gameplay in itself has gone through various metas. Below we will discuss a few important smoke spots that you can aim for when running an execute, increasing the chances of pulling it off successfully. This is an up to date guide fit to be followed on the latest version of the map Dust 2, suiting the current meta being followed.

Xbox Smoke

This is one of the most basic and important spots to smoke, simply because it gives CT a lot of vision towards the middle. The smoke cuts off the passage of information about the rotations being made by the attacking side, while also giving them a safe entry through ‘Catwalk’ towards ‘A Short’.

B Door Smoke

Yet another important spot to block, there are multiple ways to smoke this spot depending on where the attacking side is advancing from. The ‘B Door’ can be smoked from ‘Upper Tunnel’ due to the sky roof opening up, it can also be smoked off from ‘CT Mid’.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in 2021 - Essential Lineups, Detailed Guide
Upper Tunnels to B Door - Dust 2 Smoke Spot

Also, to throw off the defending side an advanced lineup can be used to smoke this position by using the fast mid-throw discovered by rifler Alexey "qikert" Golubev.

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B Entry Through Upper Tunnels

This is a great smoke when trying to gain entry into the ‘B-Site’. The best way to smoke this spot is from the ‘Upper Tunnel’. This along with the classic B Rush can be quite an effective combination, the only position that needs to be taken care of would be ‘Back Plat’.

Mid to B Smoke

If the attacking side is good at selling a fake or win an opening skirmish that gives them control over B and Mid, then blocking vision through ‘CT-Spawn’ becomes a necessity. So the Mid to B smoke is extremely important when trying to keep control over an area.

Long Corner Smoke

This smoke is a must if the attacking side wants to win the duel towards ‘A Long’, pushing the enemy players back and gaining some space to work with on their way towards the ‘A-Site’. This smoke provides the attacking side with a lot of cover, giving them time and space to organize their advance further while at the same time denying CT free vision and information.

A Cross Smokes

This usually requires a combination of 2 smokes, so that the ‘A Cross’ can be completely covered. This gives the T-side a lot of space to work with and gain entry into the ‘A-Site’. 2 players usually need to work in tandem to secure this space, to block the entire cross in one go. This also denies the defending side free information about how many attackers have crossed over into the site, giving T-side a significant advantage.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in 2021 - Essential Lineups, Detailed Guide
A Cross - Dust 2 Smoke Spot

These are some of the most important smoke spots on Dust 2 that every beginner or veteran should know. They can be imbibed into your existing strategies, or can even simply be used as per the scenario of the game. Keeping these smoke spots in mind and utilizing them properly will greatly increase your gameplay.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in 2021 - Essential Lineups, Detailed Guide

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