How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO (2021): Complete Guide

How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO (2021): Complete Guide

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • It is very much possible to vote kick yourself in CS:GO across both casual and competitive game modes.
  • The process is not as direct as vote kicking a teammate and requires the player to use certain console commands.
  • Read on to find out how you can vote kick yourself in order to skip certain annoying and toxic matches or teammates.

Every CS:GO player has an option to kick themselves out of a game, at any point of time. However, there is no direct way to do this as the default CS:GO settings only showcase the options to kick teammates. In order for someone to kick themselves out of a casual or competitive CS:GO game, they need to make use of the command console. So the next time a player calls a vote kick against themselves, do not be taken aback with surprise, as all the players have an option do that but only a few are aware of it.

Read on to find out how exactly can a player go about kicking himself from a game of CS:GO at any point in time, irrespective of the game mode. What are the advantages of doing this and is it really the best way to go forward when a game is not going as expected.

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How to Vote Kick Yourself in CS:GO?

It is not too difficult to vote kick yourself from a game of CS:GO, but the process is not as direct as kicking a teammate. In order to initiate a vote kick against yourself, you need to use the console command ‘callvote kick’. This will automatically trigger a normal vote kick against you, and then it is up to your teammates to decide whether to kick you or keep you.

Before going ahead and learning how to self kick vote, you need to check whether your CS:GO command console is enabled or not. Press this '~' button to see if the console is opening or not, if in case it does not open follow the steps below to enable it,

  • First open your ‘Setting’ in CS:GO and then go on to further enter ‘Game Settings’.

  • Scroll down to find ‘Enable Developer Console’ option and then choose ‘Yes’ to activate it.

  • Once done, you would be required to restart CS:GO once.

  • After CS:GO opens once again, on the ‘Main Menu’ itself press ‘~’ this button to open the CS:GO command console.
How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO (2021): Complete Guide
Enabling CS:GO Command Console

Now, after having followed the steps above you can go ahead and initiate a kick vote against yourself in CS:GO by following these 2 simple steps,

  • First enter the console command ‘status’. A lot of information will come on screen, simply ignore it all and copy the two set of numbers next to you name.
How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO (2021): Complete Guide
Status Console Command
  • Now enter the next console command ‘callvote kick [xxx xx]’. The ‘x’ will be replaced by the numbers copied above.
How to Kick Yourself in CS:GO (2021): Complete Guide

Once the command has been entered, a normal self vote kick will be initiated in-game. Now, your fate remains in the hands of your teammates. They get to decide whether the vote passes or fails.

Advantages of Vote Kicking Yourself

The main advantage of vote kicking yourself is that you can avoid temporary cooldowns which are handed out in case you force quit a casual or a competitive CS:GO game midway. The downside to this is that there might be a need to convince your teammates to vote kick you, and the final decision remains in their hands. If you quit the game directly though, you can simply do it yourself without depending on any other player.

The second reason is ‘Trust Factor’, this invisible rating determines the quality of your games and decides if you are eligible to play CS:GO in ‘Trusted Mode’ or not. It is quite important to maintain this as it may impact the quality of your CS:GO games in the long run, so getting vote kicked is any day better than simply quitting the game yourself forcefully.

Hope that this guide is helpful. But do keep in mind that, we do not encourage you to simply start vote kicking yourself every other match as soon as things take a turn for the worse. There is a reason that Valve has not provided this option directly to players. So use this feature wisely, for times when you are actually having terrible or toxic teammates and try to play through most of the others.

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