All Callouts for New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient - Complete Guide

All Callouts for New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient - Complete Guide

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Callouts in CS:GO are nothing but specific names given to certain locations across every map.
  • Knowledge about map callouts helps in effective communication in-game when passing information to teammates.
  • Here is a detailed overview of CS:GO callouts for the new competitive map Ancient.

CS:GO Callouts for the new competitive map Ancient is the only thing that players want to know at the moment. Everyone was shocked when Valve decided to replace Train with Ancient, following the huge update that was released on 3 May, also witnessing the release of CS:GO 360 Stats and Snakebite Weapon Case. The sudden addition of Ancient to the Active Duty Map Pool has set in motion a lot of things like users trying to find out the fastest timings to reach a spot, lots of utility lineups, various angles to hold the site effectively, callouts for proper communication, and many other things.

Below we will be sharing a list of callouts for Ancient that precisely describe a certain spot on the map, along with a few viable alternatives that could become a mainstay in the future. We will keep updating this article with the latest information as and when the callouts change or get standardized by the community.

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CS:GO Map Callouts For Ancient: Complete Guide

Map callouts in CS:GO are nothing but a specific name given to a particular spot on a map. Most of the callouts are common throughout the world, with there being a few exceptions due to the game’s changing nature. All the callouts are globally accepted by the CS:GO community which is very important, as it allows the passage of information in an effective and efficient manner.

Valve themselves never release an official callout list, nor do they recognize any third-party set of callouts as official ever. Callous in CS:GO for any map is standardized by the community themselves over a period of time. Even so, every team and player has their own vocabulary that they like to adapt and use. There is no callout list for Ancient that has been recognized by the community so far, as users and players alike are trying to come up with their own versions.

While there might not be a single recognized version at the moment, the below mentioned Ancient callouts are the ones currently in circulation within the CS:GO community.

All Callouts for New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient - Complete Guide
All Callouts for New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient - Complete Guide
All Callouts for New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient - Complete Guide

As can be observed from the 3 slightly different Ancient callouts above, most of the main callouts throughout the map remain consistent with the regular shooter lingo. But some specific positions near and within the sites, have slightly different names right now which will get standardized with time.

We will keep making the necessary changes as the map undergoes changes and transformations. It is still a very new map and will require a lot of big and small tweaks to become perfect for the competitive map pool, similar to how Vertigo took shape over the months.

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