The Best and Easiest Ways to Practice Difficult Jumps in CS:GO

The Best and Easiest Ways to Practice Difficult Jumps in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Movement mechanics which includes jumping is one of the most important things to master in CS:GO.
  • Players can use the 2 methods mentioned below to effectively and effortlessly practice difficult jumps in offline servers.

Movement is one of the most difficult gaming mechanics to master in CS:GO, while also offering a huge advantage to the players who practice them on a regular basis. Jumping in CS:GO is a part of the movement drill that can improve a player’s overall skill, helping them peek corners effectively, win a face-to-face duel, and most importantly easily reach unorthodox positions to gain an upper hand. Though players can improve upon their jumping skills via custom maps, the best way to practice difficult jumps is on offline servers. Here are the easiest ways one can do so effectively, without wasting a lot of time.

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Best ways to practice difficult jumps in CS:GO

Method -1

A Reddit user ‘Demonix_Hermit’ recently shared a simple yet highly effective trick using which players can practice difficult jumps in offline servers, without wasting a lot of time setting themselves up for a jump over and over again. Here is how players can go ahead and execute this simple trick after hosting an offline sever on their favorite map.

  1. Position yourself on the exact location from where you will be initiating your jump. This will be your starting point.

  2. Once you are all set, simply open your CS:GO console and type “getpos”. Copy the output that you get on the console and then bind it to any key of your choice.

  3. To bind the above output to a key, type the following command in the console, ‘bind “x” “getpos output”’. Here the “x” will be replaced with the name of the key while “getpos output” will be the copied console output from the step above.

  4. Once done, you can start practicing your jumps until you master them perfectly. Irrespective of whether you fail or not, pressing the key set in the step above will instantly reset your position to your initial starting point.

This simple trick explained in the steps above along with the video, will make your life much easier when practicing such difficult jumps. Due to these things requiring a lot of practice and multiple continuous attempts to get a hang of, users can easily reset to their starting position multiple times without having to waste time setting themselves up again and again.

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Method - 2

While this might seem like the best and the easiest way to go about practicing difficult jumps in an offline server, there is actually a more efficient way of executing this. Another Reddit user ‘RouseWasTaken’ shared that when creating an offline server a user can simply enter the following commands as part of their config settings,

  • bind "F6" "con_logfile cfg/F6.log; getpos; con_logfile 0"

  • bind "F2" "exec F6.log";

Once done, pressing “F6” will save your current location on the map while pressing “F2” will simply reset you to your saved location instantly. This is similar to the solution provided above but saves you a lot more time if this is something that you do on a regular basis because the config settings need to be put in just once and then you are good to go.

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