Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO

Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO

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  • An unofficial CS:GO mobile game clone called 'Global Offensive Mobile' recently went viral which is a ditto copy of the PC title.
  • The status of the mobile game is currently unknown following a closed beta during which it was only available in Thailand for Android devices.
  • The mobile CS:GO clone despite having no affiliations with Valve has blatantly copied everything from the PC title including name, maps, weapons, buy menu, and many other features.

Global Offensive Mobile is a trending mobile game for Android devices, that is an unofficial clone of the popular competitive first-person shooter CS:GO. It was spotted on the Google Play Store a few months back after which it became quite popular within the CS:GO community, due to its stark similarity with the Valve shooter. Global Offensive Mobile is currently only available in Thailand and its full version is yet to be released for the public, following a ‘Closed Beta Test’ that came to an end on 18 Feb 2021. Global Offensive Mobile has been developed and published by ‘Cheese WT’ which seems to be a Thailand based gaming studio.

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What is Global Offensive Mobile?

Global Offensive Mobile is a clone of the popular Valve developed competitive shooter CS:GO. The mobile game which is currently only available for Android devices in Thailand, has taken a bit more than just inspiration from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, staying true to the proverb “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

However, there is nothing sincere about this mobile version of CS:GO as it has no official links or affiliations to Valve. This setback seems to be of no problem to Global Offensive Mobile, which is a ditto copy of the popular online shooter, copying everything from its weapons, gameplay, maps, to even the skins and recreating them as it is for the mobile title.

The mobile game which looks pretty stunning has been made on the Unity Engine, while being quite demanding when it comes to storage space, which is around 1.2 GB following an 82 MB download via the Google Play Store.

Is Global Offensive Mobile an official mobile version of CS:GO?

Well, as stated above the answer is a crystal clear no, at least for the moment. Valve has not officially commented on the matter or as a matter of fact, they have not even showed the slightest interest in expanding CS:GO to the mobile platform. 

It is a long shot that CS:GO will be officially coming to mobile devices anytime soon, considering that the Counter-Strike community has been requesting an upgrade to the ‘Source 2 Engine’ for years now, but Valve has straight up ignored it so far.

Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO

Global Offensive Mobile vs CS:GO - Similarities

From the official images of the game available on Global Offensive Mobile’s Google Play Store page or the many walkthrough videos present on the internet, it is evident that the shooter mobile title is an identical copy of CS:GO for the mobile gaming audience.

The game which is popularly referred to as ‘CS:GO Mobile’ due to the huge number of similarities that it shares with the PC title, has not only copied maps and weapons, it has in fact mimicked CS:GO’s gameplay and cosmetics also, which certainly crosses a line.

Here are some of the similarities that Global Offensive Mobile and CS:GO share between them,

  1. Title: The biggest similarity is the name of the mobile game itself. ‘Global Offensive’ has been taken from the latter part of ‘CS:GO’, simply adding a ‘Mobile’ to its end to denote that it is the mobile version of the PC title.

  2. Maps: The mobile version of CS:GO has blatantly copied some of the most iconic Counter-Strike maps like Dust 2, Inferno, and Mirage. The developers of the cloned mobile game have not even tried to change the names of the map or modify them in some way, it is literally a direct copy and paste.

  3. Weapons: All the CS:GO weapons, each and every one of them is present in Global Offensive Mobile. Not only the design of the weapon, but its working mechanics like recoil pattern, bullet trajectory, animation, and even its sound effects are an exact replica.

  4. Gameplay: All the gameplay aspects of Global Offensive Mobile have been directly picked from CS:GO. This includes the overall movement mechanics, how the player model appears, utility lineups, firing mechanics, and anything else that can be considered under this segment.

  5. Voice lines: Even the character voice lines to communicate certain aspects of the game during play have been directly taken from CS:GO. This includes the iconic voice line “Go, go, go”.
Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO

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Global Offensive Mobile vs CS:GO - Differences

After going through the above section, it might come off as a bit of a surprise that despite Global Offensive Mobile being so heavily influenced by CS:GO how can the 2 titles have any difference. Well, while there might not be a lot of critical differences to highlight, the two games do have a few differences worth mentioning.

  1. Player Sides: Unlike the classic T and CT sides going up against each other, which has stuck with Counter-Strike ever since the game was first released. Its mobile clone has changed the name of the competing sides to ‘Red Team’ and ‘Blue Team’, where red is the attacking side while blue is the defending one.

  2. Game Mode: Global Offensive Mobile introduces a Zombie game mode, which despite being available in CS:GO is not an official Valve recognized permanent game mode. Also, game modes are not something that can be plagiarized as almost all the online shooters. irrespective of the platform they are played on, have more or less the same game modes.

  3. Agents: ‘CS:GO Mobile’ has a whole set of different agents available when compared to Counter-Strike, they are both different in appearance and design which is another noticeable change in the mobile game.

  4. Maps: The mobile version of CS:GO has 6 maps in total, out of which 3 are directly taken from CS:GO. Out of the remaining 3, one of them was confirmed to be a new map which was not copied from the original game.
Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO

Global Offensive Mobile: Release Date

Global Offensive Mobile had ran a ‘Closed Beta Test’ for a few months before it came to an end on 18 Feb 2021. Since then the game servers were closed down and further downloading of the game through legal methods came to a stop.

There has been no news about Global Offensive Mobile’s release date ever since and everyone is kind off stuck in a limbo at the moment concerning the game’s return. There is no announcement being made by the developers, while the community is constantly asking about when they would be able to play the game once again.

Though there is currently no news about when Global Offensive Mobile will be making a comeback, the CS:GO mobile game clone has made some serious impact in the SEA region. While only being limited to Thailand, a lot of players from other countries like Brazil and Turkey also used to enjoy playing the game, though at an absurd ping.

Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO

The userbase from the 2 regions was significant enough to warrant them an independent chat lobby in the game’s official Discord Server. With serious speculations being made about the game expanding to the 2 regions following Global Offensive Mobile’s full release.

Though the game received a great response from the mobile gaming community, the CS:GO player base was quite skeptical of this unofficial clone that had blatantly copied one of the most popular online shooters in the world. While most of them were of the opinion that Global Offensive Mobile would be certainly facing a heavy lawsuit from Valve, a few others had some controversial theories of their own. But for any of this to happen, the mobile game has to release properly, something that is a mystery for everyone!

Everything About Global Offensive Mobile: The Unofficial Mobile Version of CS:GO
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