French CS:GO Twitch Streamer Sued For $250,000 by Gaming School

French CS:GO Twitch Streamer Sued For $250,000 by Gaming School

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Popular French CS:GO Twitch streamer KRL slammed with a defamation case by Education Gaming School.
  • The former pro CS:GO player has been sued for more than $250,000 by EGS.
  • Both KRL and EGS have released their respective statements on the situation.

Popular French Twitch streamer Sebastien "KRL" Perez who is also a former professional CS:GO player was recently sued by a local esports and gaming school. Education Gaming School (EGS) which is also based in France has slammed KRL with a defamation case while claiming more than $250,000 in damages.

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French CS:GO Twitch Streamer Sued By Gaming School

KRL had initially spoken about something bothering him a couple of days back on 13th December when he publicly stated that he is having difficulty sleeping while also facing “mini anxiety attacks”. At the time the French CS:GO streamer had said that he would reveal the reason behind his suffering in a few days time, “hoping that it will improve”.

Unfortunately, it seems the matter has only become worse as information surfaced yesterday that Education Gaming School was initiating legal action against KRL. In a formal statement released by EGS in French, they stated that “Following his (KRL) repeated defamatory actions during the last few months, we could not tolerate and endorse any more. Today, we prefer to let the tribunal defend our intentions, as well as approve that our judgement is well-found.”

French CS:GO Twitch Streamer Sued For $250,000 by Gaming School

In this statement nowhere was it mentioned that EGS was suing the streamer for any particular amount but in KRL’s response the CS:GO streamer had mentioned that the school was claiming more than $250,000. Further explaining the situation from his side KRL who has previously worked with EGS for two months back in 2018 claimed that the CS:GO section of the gaming school was not getting any success and they allegedly blamed their failure on him. 

According to KRL, they took this action because he had shared his experience of working with EGS two years ago on his stream recently and he may have said some stuff for which he was now being sued by the gaming school.

French CS:GO Twitch Streamer Sued For $250,000 by Gaming School

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All available information at the moment should be taken with a pinch of salt as no valid proof has been attached with any of the claims. As per the statement released by EGS, the case is currently in progress so it would be wise to not believe anything blindly and await the court's final judgement.

EGS also stated that they will not communicate any additional information about the situation, so we can except not to hear from them until after a verdict is reached. The situation is quite tense for KRL and hopefully he will keep everyone updated on the situation.

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