Luminosity Gaming Welcomes Swedish CS:GO YouTuber-Streamer Anomaly


Luminosity Gaming Welcomes Swedish CS:GO YouTuber-Streamer Anomaly

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Swedish CS:GO YouTuber and Streamer Anomaly has joined Luminosity Gaming.
  • His role within the organization is still not clear.
  • Luminosity Gaming had been building up hype for this announcement since the past week.

Popular Swedish CS:GO YouTuber Ludvig ‘Anomaly’ Lagerstedt in his recent video revealed that he has been picked up by the North American esports organization Luminosity Gaming. The organization had been building up a lot of hype surrounding this announcement since quite a few days despite this, the fans were quite surprised when the massive reveal turned out to be none other than the Swedish YouTuber/Streamer Anomaly.

Anomaly Joins Luminosity Gaming

The North American esports organization has been without a functioning CS:GO roster for almost a year now. Since releasing their previous lineup in September last year the organization has stayed away from the game, focussing more on other competitive titles.

In the last few weeks, Luminosity Gaming has made some big moves establishing a new Fortnite roster which is being touted as being the ‘Biggest Signing in Fortnite History’. Following this the organization started teasing the fans that they have another big announcement to make.

Luminosity Gaming Welcomes Swedish CS:GO YouTuber-Streamer Anomaly

They tweeted out stuff like ‘Who do you think is joining Luminosity next’, ‘The upcoming signing is VALORANT related’, ‘A legend is joining Team Luminosity soon’, and other such things to hype up the big reveal until yesterday, when they surprised everyone by revealing the signing of Anomaly.

Many could not initially believe the news because all this while Luminosity had been dropping VALORANT related hints, so everyone believed that the organization was thinking of picking up a roster to enter the new tactical first-person shooter. Maybe there is another such announcement still on the horizon which could be dropped anytime soon, who knows.

Luminosity Gaming Welcomes Swedish CS:GO YouTuber-Streamer Anomaly

The main concern that the community still has is not knowing Anomaly’s role in the organization because Luminosity never mentioned if he was coming on board as a content creator, a CS:GO pro player, or a VALORANT pro. All the organization stated was “Welcome Anomaly To Luminosity”.

While the YouTuber himself titled his video as “I Joined A Pro Esports Team (Anomaly Pro CS:GO Player)” the community believes that Anomaly was just messing around and that he has certainly been signed as a content creator. This was also based off the fact that he was nowhere near the level of a professional Counter-Strike player and also that Luminosity who has a glorious past in the esport title would try to preserve it and not just throw it all away.

Anomaly is one of the most popular CS:GO content creator out there, running two YouTube channels with around 3.6 million subscribers in total and a Twitch channel as well which has a following of 2.6 million users. Let’s see how the relationship between Luminosity and Anomaly evolve from here on!

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