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Welcome to AFK Gaming’s first ever premium content bundle. Through a collection of seven articles, we aim to give you data, insight and informed opinions about the esports industry, largely focused on India. Each piece has been researched and written by our team of experienced writers, supported by data and insights from some of the most authoritative esports industry experts in South Asia.

By reading these articles, you will gain a deep understanding of important industry topics, along with thought-provoking perspectives on questions such as:

What was the total prize money in Indian esports in 2020? Who is the largest esports event organizer in India?

How and why did Dota 2 esports die in India?

How do esports teams make money? How does one make a pro career in Indian esports?

How much do esports casters earn and why do they make so little compared to traditional sports commentators?

Are Indian real-money gaming companies re-defining the meaning of the word “esports” itself? Will esports be banned in the country?


“If you want a seat at the table, you need to have a franchise league slot. Esports organizations cannot survive through just third-party tournaments.”

- Rushindra Sinha

CEO and Co-Founder, Global Esports

“Commentating is a lot like singing in a rock/metal band. As a former vocalist for a college band, one thing that I tried to learn was to yell, scream and emote from my diaphragm rather than my throat.”

- Sudhen 'BlehWahengbam

Professional CS:GO Commentator.

“Fantasy as defined by the FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports) is legal according to the courts in India. Rummy is a skill-based game. All other RMG games are not fully legal, nor are they esports.”

- Akshat Rathee

Co-Founder, NODWIN Gaming

“If I can be extremely candid, it’s a bloody mess. Every platform has direct access to players. Using this, they offer players a ridiculous amount of money for the first few months without any kind of strategy and then it all backfires. Eventually, the livestream platform either runs out of money, or they are unable to sustain the required amount of traffic month on month.”

- Nimish Raut

India Lead, Fnatic

“Currently Indian esports is very fragmented with both teams and players finding it very hard to make long term commitments to esports. Since no TOs commit to long term IPs or have a vision that really supports grassroots growth, there is no incentive for new players and most of the prize money is concentrated in the hands of a few top teams at almost every single event.”

- Ishaan Arya

Co-Founder, The Esports Club

“There’s a difference between a skilled player and a good player. Anyone with mechanical skill can get a few kills on their own in a game, but that does not necessary make them good.”

- Rahul 'T1ToSridhar

Professional Valorant Esports Player


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