ZionVerse is a Metaverse based on the Indian Culture


ZionVerse: A Metaverse Based on the Indian Culture

Shivang Patel
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ZionVerse is a metaverse that hopes to elevate Indian culture and values to a global stage.
Inside the ZionVerse ecosystem, players can buy or rent Trimurti NFTs to gain access to the gaming platform.
Users can also earn Sanskaar Token for helping the community and for performing good deeds.

With the rise of blockchain gaming, several new developers have been aiming to create a Metaverse for their players. Although a lot of these projects aim to use Web3 concepts in their games, they often end up being repetitive and as a result, the gameplay lacks creativity. But ZionVerse aims to address these issues by creating a unique and ingenious metaverse.

ZionVerse is a metaverse that aims to bring rich Indian culture into the Web3 space. This mythological project hopes to bring age-old stories to life by making them accessible and interactable to interested users inside a playable NFT (Non-Fungible Token) metaverse.

What can you do in ZionVerse?

ZionVerse was founded on the principle of creating an inclusive metaverse where developers can create games, designers can construct interactive designs, and users can continuously enjoy the vast riches of the Indian culture. To fulfill this vision, there are two main aspects that control the entire system of ZionVerse. They are Trimurti NFT and Sanskaar tokens.

The entire ecosystem of ZionVerse is reliant on Trimurti NFTs. Trimurti refers to the three main deities of Hindu Mythology - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. When a user purchases Trimurti NFTs, they are given access to one of the three deities and Shakti tokens. This in turn enables them to access the gaming platform and convert their NFTs into playable characters. All deities also have levels in ZionVerse. The levels of all deities start from seven which is the primary and basic level in ZionVerse. As players progress through the game and upgrade the deities, they can unlock level one which is the most advanced and powerful stage of a deity.

Another important aspect of the ZionVerse are the Sanskaar tokens. These tokens were launched as a measure to retain user interest and reward users who showcase good behavior and engagement. With Sanskaar tokens, users can upgrade the level of their NFTs and get their hands on better rewards. Sanskaar tokens will also be distributed to community members for engaging in good behavior like helping others and promoting good content. Other use cases will also be available at a later date, disclosed ZionVerse.

How to play ZionVerse?

Although the ZionVerse ecosystem is still under development, there are plans to launch a 5v5 team-based deathmatch game called RannBhumi (Battle ground). This game will be used to depict the legend of Mahabharat in a completely unique manner. The expected launch of this game is scheduled for Q2 2022.

ZionVerse Marketplace

The ZionVerse marketplace is also scheduled to launch in Q2 2022 alongside RannBhumi. The marketplace will be a one-stop shop for buying the ZionVerse NFTs. NFTs on the secondary market will be available at a later date, so the earliest way to get your hands on an NFT is through the official marketplace. Users will be able to buy, sell, and even rent their NFTs. Notably, other features like PvP trading will also be available soon.

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