Here are the top 8 blockchain games that can be played anywhere.


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Top 8 P2E Blockchain Games for Mobile Devices

Zen Khurana
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These are the top 8 blockchain games that are available for mobile, allowing you to game on the go.
These games consist of Play-To-Earn mechanics and through NFTs and other mechanics they also focusing on providing real-world utility
They are quickly on the rise in terms of becoming a new trending topic

Blockchain Gaming has been increasingly making its way into the mainstream. Many gamers are looking to monetize their time investment in the online virtual world into real-world assets. Enter Play to Earn (P2E) games. These games have integrated NFTs into online gaming, and have expanded the feature set offered by developers with assets or in-game merchandise having real-world value, which in turn has resulted in a form of passive income that can be earned through the selling of assets for real-world currency.

With so many great games out there, it can be difficult to choose where to get started, especially when you want portable games that can be played on the go. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 8 most popular Play to Earn Games available on your phone

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Origin

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based game that has shot itself and is considered to be one of the most popular NFT games available out there. With over 2 million daily active users at its peak, this battle-based NFT game’s core gameplay involves collecting and raising monsters to battle in either PvP or PvE game modes.

The way you can earn rewards is in the form of the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP) which can then be sold on the built-in marketplace within the universe or be exchanged for Ethereum (ETH).

To get it on mobile for Android you can go to the official website and click the ‘Play now’ button, which will then allow you to download the app, it is not currently available on the Google Playstore. For iPhone users, it’s currently in beta which means you have to download it through the TestFlight app, you can find the link for that here though, if the beta is full you won’t be able to download it but keep checking as there’s regular openings.


This trading card has become the staple of blockchain gaming with a focus on deck building. You can get a taste of the game for free but to unlock the potential of Play 2 Earn you need to purchase a $10 ‘Summoner’s Book’.

With a focus on building a powerful deck and using these cards in automated battles. This makes the game quick to play and simple to understand. You get rewarded with Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC) which is the native token that can be earned by completing a daily quest or ‘burning’ cards which will lower the supply of the card and hence increase the value of the remaining cards.

You can download the game for Android and for IOS.



The Fantasy Football game which counts French football star Kylian Mbappe as one of its investors, Sorare, is on its way to becoming a big name within the industry. The fantasy game of football where players can buy, sell, trade and manage a virtual team with digital player cards uses blockchain technology based on ETH.

Players can collect, sell, and trade cards that are based upon famous players and teams. With 245 officially licensed clubs and new clubs being added every week, the game also boasts 2 million users around the globe and recently secured funding from some prominent figures within the sports industry like Serena Williams and Gerard Piqué.

You can download the game for IOS.

Forest Knight

In this turn-strategy blockchain game from Chrono Games, you play as the Forest Knight, the hero of Chronville. This free-to-play and play-to-earn game has you completing daily missions and earning achievements. As you progress you can unlock different heroes and your goal is to create a powerful team through leveling up and using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These NFTs can be traded or sold and are backed by $KNIGHT which is a utility token used for every transaction within the game.

You can download it for Android.


Memes are a key part of the crypto culture and it was only a matter of time before memes evolved into something more. Binemon– a game inspired by Pokemon and combines elements of collecting, RPGs, and adventure games allowing players to create their army of pets.

The game consists of five different continents that players can explore using this army of pets. Players can either play through the PvE system that includes a campaign, world bosses and Ancient Tower; or they can compete against each other in the PVP system where they can compete against other players in duels, tournaments and guild wars.

Players earn Ambrosia through both modes, which can be used to develop pets or can be sold in the marketplace for real world currency.

You can download it for Android and IOS users will have to keep an eye out for the beta to open.


Devikins is a turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding where players can collect devikin NFTs, breed them, grow them and also battle with them. Players can collect characters and work on varying their roster with a more powerful and skillful roster. This follows a turn-based RPG system with a combat system inspired by the JRPG system.

Players can earn real-world money by selling characters on the built-in marketplace using Devicoin (DVK).

You can download it for Android and IOS.

Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead

This is for those tower defense enthusiasts. Plant vs Undead is an NFT multiplayer tower defense game where players have to strategies and plan how they eliminate the monsters as they are invading your garden with your owned NFT plants. This game has lots of inspiration from the old school Plants VS Zombies but with the advantage of being able to earn rewards without paying any fees.

You can download it for Android and IOS from its website.

League of Kingdoms

Thought of as the first massively multiplayer online, real strategy game (MMORTS) based on the Ethereum blockchain, League of Kingdoms is a game where players have the opportunity to buy land, farm resources and collect NFTs. Players can also join alliances or compete against each other for land and other assets.

Players can also trade NFT assets and land in the in-game store or from other players on the OpenSea marketplace. As reported by Binance, League of Kingdoms sees around 80,000 daily active users and 400,000 monthly active players.

You can download it for Android and IOS.

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