PEPO is an upcoming NFT gaming inspired by Animal Crossing and The Sims



PEPO Paradise is an Innovative Take on Virtual Pets in Blockchain Gaming

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PEPO is an upcoming NFT pet breeding game inspired by Animal Crossing and The Sims
They are looking towards creating a synergy between various NFTs across multiple chains

We are seeing a surge of innovation within the blockchain gaming space with more and more companies coming out with new and different ideas. PEPO paradise is one such concept that is looking to connect NFTs with the metaverse.

PEPO Paradise is a pet breeding game inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing and NeoPets that is being built on the Avalanche blockchain. The game is being developed by mobile game studio Finifugu who is best known for its Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt game and will feature a unique ‘Feed to Earn mechanic’- that will reward players for taking good care of their pets.

What is PEPO paradise and Feed-To-Earn?

PEPO or Pet Pocket Paradise is an Animal Crossing/NeoPets styled game where players will be tasked with taking care of their NFT-based virtual pets aka PEPOs. Any NFT brand can be one of the PEPOs, including NFTs on chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc.

The company uses a unique “Feed-To-Earn” mechanic to reward players for playing the game. Players are rewarded depending on the bonding they achieve with their PEPOs. PEPOs drop token rewards, blueprints lay Eggs occasionally depending on the bonding score. PEPOs with extremely high bonding scores also have a chance of dropping exclusive NFT items in the ecosystem.

Players can earn rewards using their PEPOs through “Feed-To-Earn” in four different ways:

Feed and Care

Feeding PEPO-food ($PPF) to PEPOs regularly to maintain good health and taking them to regular showers or walks will keep them in good condition and keep them satisfied.

Bonding Increases

Relationships take time, even with virtual pets. When a PEPO is satisfied, the bonding score increases over time. You will be rewarded with better rewards and get access to exclusive content if you have a high bonding score with your PEPO.

Collect and Earn

Whenever the bonding score reaches the minimum threshold, the PEPO begins to drop PEPO-Coin for the players to collect.

Hatch and Discover

PEPOs can also lay eggs and drop blueprints in addition to Token rewards. These eggs can either be hatched for new PEPOs or traded in the market for $PPP.

$PPP is the main currency used in the marketplace and is the governance token for the game, used for staking for rewards or privileges. Players can compete on the Paradise leaderboard to obtain the native governance token of $PPP. Rewards are separated into tiers to the top 1000 players on the leaderboard. The amount of the total prize pool will be announced at the beginning of a game season.

There are also two other tokens in the game: the $PPF Token which are the aforementioned food tokens and the $PPC token which is the main currency used in-game and is used to distribute rewards for “Feed to Earn.” It is also used for Minting and Crafting

How to get PEPOs?

The PEPO’s themselves are interactive virtual pets with NFT brands joining in to become a PEPO including NFTs that are on other chains such as Ethereum or Solana. This is done through cross-chained NFT ownership verification.

You can only receive a PEPO through the hatching of eggs which can be bought on the marketplace or the NFTs you have converted from their partners. The supply of eggs decreases over time according to current demand. This ensures the market is not flooded with PEPOs and the long-term value of existing PEPOs can be maintained.

This game is looking to innovate and change the infrastructure of NFT connectivity with ensuring the real-world interactivity within the game itself. Pre-Sale will start soon in the near future and can be purchased on the marketplace. You can buy an early ticket that comes with special privileges and early access on OpenSea. The first partnership is also live with CHEEKS on OpenSea. You can play a demo of the game here.

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