Genopets: Everything You Need to Know About the "First" Move-to-Earn Game

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Genopets introduces an innovative Move-to-Earn mechanic within the GameFi space</p></div>

Genopets introduces an innovative Move-to-Earn mechanic within the GameFi space


Genopets is a Free-to-play and Move-to-Earn Web3 game that allows players to earn by just walking, running, and jogging
Genopets is backed by some of the biggest names in the space such as Samsung Next, Solana Capital, and more

With the GameFi industry making great strides, an array of new models have entered this space, allowing for new creative ways to earn. There is a fair amount of information about popular models such as Play-to-Earn (P2E) but a new innovation is on the horizon and it is called Move-to-Earn. This model has been introduced by Genopets.

Genopets has the backing of some of the biggest companies, with an investment round co-led by Pentera Capital and Konvoy ventures and is also supported by Solana Capital, Alameda Research, DeFi Alliance, Yield Guild Games, and many others. Recently, Samsung Next also invested in Genopets as it believed that Genopets has “developed an innovative gaming model at the intersection of Web3 and connected fitness,” according to Samsung.

Genopets gameplay

Genopets claims to be the world’s first free-to-play, Move-to-Play, and Move-to-Earn GameFi project. It is fairly similar to Pokemon and Tamagotchi. It is built on the Solana engine and uses a fun and unique digital pet.

Players will be able to use the geospatial data that exists on their smart devices and can convert their physical activities into various in-game actions such as game XP, rewards, and more. To start with, players mint a free Genopet, which is an NFT (Non- Fungible Token) with your data. Your Genopet starts off as an infant and can be levelled up and upgraded with customization.

To level up and evolve your Genopet, you need to earn XP by doing daily quests such as daily step challenges, fighting in PvE [Player vs Environment] battles against bosses, and taking your Genopet for a walk or a run. The more you invest your time with your Genopet, the more they will increase in value. All of this is done through movement: Going on a walk or run will help you upgrade your Genopet NFT and in turn earn money.

You have the option to level up and sell your Genopet on the marketplace, to invest in the habitat and grow Genopets faster. One of the many ways to play the game is nurturing, where you cast your Genopet NFT and connect it to your pedometer to start playing. You can evolve your pet by earning XP through various means and upgrade their appearances and performance.

You can also join the Battle Arena and challenge other players in mini-strategy games to earn more XP and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

A glimpse of the UI and gameplay elements of Genopets

In-Game tokens

The game consists of 3 in-game tokens. They are as follows:

· $GENE: This is the administrative token which is also used for staking. Holders will be able to vote on game modes and towards certain changes the game will make in the future.

· $KI: This is the in-game reward token for players who buy Habitat. These can be used to accelerate the evolution process of Genopets and are also used to craft Habitat and other in-game items

· XP Points: These are experience points that go up as you move. These are used for leveling up your Genopets.

How can you earn through Genopets?

The main way to earn is through your Genopets by using them to battle, upgrading them to trade, or buy or sell on the marketplace. There are a few more ways to earn on Genopets:

· Habitat NFTs: These are NFTs where your Genopets live and evolve. You can purchase these on the marketplace or craft them using the in-game tokens. There are different types of environments that have in-game impacts on your Genopet. Players have the ability to rent out their habitats to earn extra income. These also present the opportunity to craft Gene Crystals and earn more in-game tokens.

· Crystals NFT: These are NFTs crafted through GENE tokens and KI tokens in the Habitat Lab. Each crystal is different and has a different role in the gameplay and evolution of Genopets.

· Augment NFTs: These are NFTs that allow you to upgrade the physical properties of your Genopet and enhance their performance. Since Genopets are cybernetic you can change their body parts for a better look but this can only be done by finishing PvE quests that unlock special modifications.

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