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Battle of Guardians: What We Know About The Real-Time Multiplayer Fighter NFT Platform

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Battle of Guardians is a real time multiplayer fighter that is developed on the Unreal Engine and built on a multichain Solana Network and Binance Smart chain
The game is being developed with a beta released for PC, IOS and Android with cross platform multiplayer.

Battle of Guardians is a real time multiplayer fighter that is developed on the Unreal Engine and built on a multichain Solana Network and Binance Smart chain. The game allows players to engage in a multi-realm PvP battle.

Battle of Guardians gets praise to be the first ever real-time multiplayer NFT fighting game. It is incubated by Good Games Guild and partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Cryptominati capital and OIG to name a few.

Battle of Guardians Platform Ecosystem

The game consists of two in-game currencies which are Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP). This dual token system allows for more rewards to be distributed with $BGS being used as the main currency for staking and governance which can also be used to purchase NFTs.

$FP is the secondary currency which is utilized for synthesizing NFTs and entering tournament modes. This can also be used for purchasing NFT characters. These tokens can be earned in-game by winning rounds and can be utilized in the NFT marketplace to purchase and sell Battle of Guardians NFTs.

You need NFT characters to start playing the game, with the developers selling a package of three characters. The character packs are divided into three stages of rarity. Battle of Guardians characters can be purchased at the initial NFT drop but that will only be accessible to those who stake $BGS.

Other than the marketplace, you have the option to combine your characters with other players to get a new character with higher stats. For those looking to earn a passive income, you can even rent NFTs characters to other players.

Battle of Guardians Gameplay and Storyline

Battle of Guardians is a PvP game where players battle each other for rewards. The game consists of three characters which are the Humans, Demons and Guardians. These characters are also divided into different tiers:

· Elite Fighter: The basic character that gets the minimum rewards through wins

· Legendary Warrior: This is the mid-level character whose rewards through wins are moderate

· God of War: This is the advanced tier and gets the highest rewards through wins.

The game itself consists of three game modes which have different feature sets. The Story mode is the normal fighting PvE mode consisting of 25 stages, with each stage giving different $FP rewards.

Another game mode is Arena, which is PvP in random matches that is based upon the ratings of each player. Winners are rewarded with $FP and an increase in rating. The last game mode is Bout which consists of bracket tournaments with eight,16 or 32 players that participate. To enter tournaments, players have to pay $FP fees and in the end, the winner of the tournament wins all of the $FP fees and additional $BGS rewards.

Battle of Guardians is looking to become the go-to fighting game within the Web3 space. Utilizing the Unreal Engine ensures high quality visuals while backing from the Solana multichain and the Binance smart chain could allow easy accessibility.

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