Axie Infinity is a strategic turn-based card game


Axie Infinity: Tips and Tricks

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Axie Infinity is a strategic turn-based game which may be intimidating for new players
Here are some of the best tips for newcomers

Axie Infinity is a strategic game where players battle against each other or the environment with Pokemon-esque creatures called Axies. A game about collecting these Axies, breeding, and battling with them, and then trading them for real life currency is arguably the biggest blockchain game in the market, with many treating the game as a full-time job at its peak. Unfortunately, Axie Infinity provides little guidance on the nuances of buying, breeding and battling with these creatures–there’s barely a tutorial. If you’re just starting out with Axie Infinity then check out our Axie Infinity Origin: Guide to Getting Started article.

However, if you know the basics of Axie Infinity then here are a few tips and tricks that will help you take the next step in mastering the game.

Top 10 Axie Infinity Tips and Tricks

Always keep note of your opponent's energy

During your gameplay, you will learn one of the most important skills is to understand how to count your opponent’s energy. Whether your opponent has energy or not will let you know what they can and cannot do. This will help strategize your next course of action.

Master basic team structures before devising your own

Player versus Player is a strategic game. You play against real people, this will require you to plan your team strategically and think about your moves beforehand. While you can devise your own strategies when you’re more familiar with the game, you can get a good head start by using tried and tested lineups. Here are some of the most common and well-balanced configurations for your team:

  • Aqua, Aqua, Planet

  • Beast, Bird, Plant

  • Beast, Aqua, Plant

Learn how the game prioritizes Speed!

Speed is an influential factor in terms of the order of turns of the Axies. Having the higher Speed stat could prove to be the difference between a clutch win or a heartbreaking loss. If your Axie has higher speed than the opponent, then you get to attack first and vice versa.

But what if your Axies and the opponents’ have the same speed? Then these are the factors that influence the order of turns in order:

  1. Lower HP

  2. Higher Skill

  3. High Morale

  4. Low Axie ID

This essentially means that if your axies have the same speed but your Axie has a lower HP, then your axie will go first. If they both have the same HP, then the game takes into account the Skill stat, then the Morale stat. In the unlikely circumstance that both Axies are still even, then the Axie with the lower Axie ID goes first.

Learn the cards

With over 132 cards within Axie Infinity, by going over and roughly knowing the stats, how the cards work and damage types, these can help during in-game battles as you can hover your opponent’s card to identify what it is. You can also learn how different cards synchronize with each other and add combo cards that help with different attacks and moves.

Level up your Axies to earn more SLP’s

Adventure mode is one of the most well-known easier ways to earn SLPs including your daily SLP cap but by leveling up your Axies you can finish specific ruins within adventure that lead to in-game rewards and in addition to that you get bonus SLP.

Ruin 21 and 34 are known to give 200 and 300 SLP but these are boss levels hence they are higher in difficulty.

Secret Classes

There are three known secret classes that can only be created through selective breeding. These are the Dawn, Dusk and Mech. They are rare but they have a disadvantage as when an Axie uses a card with the same class it will have a 10% bonus to shields and damage.

They do however have a 7.5% bonus to damage and shields.

Patience is key

Sometimes winning too quickly isn’t the best option. The game has a countermeasure against people who win-trade or intentionally lose to earn money. So it doesn’t give out rewards (SLPs) for games that end before five rounds. For your wallet to be thanking you, play is safe and rather than dominating an opponent, be patient and wait till Round 6.

Beware of the Last Stand

The last stand is a state wherein Axies who have been taken out for a certain time can take damage and play cards. The main influencer is Morale which pushes the Axie entering the Last Stand with the higher stat allowing the Axie to enter the last stand.

What players might not realize is that even though the game says “chance” it's an equation that determines this.

(Final Blow – Remaining HP) < (Remaining HP x Morale/100) = Last Stand

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, be vary of the Last Stand and use attacks that have a higher damage then your opponent’s remaining HP.

Experiment with positioning

Where and how you place the Axies on the battlefield is important. Rather than just mindlessly lining them up, plan and strategize your mids and backs. Cards often have effects based on positions such as the Smart shot which can target enemies in certain positions.

You can only learn positioning with experience. The most important tip is to experiment with positions, add to your experience and if you lose, take the L and learn. You will only get better through practice and playing but don’t get disheartened!

Always have Tanks/Support Axies in your lineup

A lot of players get started with the game using the Tank/Support Axies to soak damage as the front Axie during the first wave, and build up the damage with your mid and back Axie.

A lot of people underutilize their Tank/Support but they can be disruptive and change the outcome of the match. These Axies are considered to be some of the most versatile with the amount of damage they can can take as well as heal or even steal energy.

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