Star Atlas is a popular Space-themed blockchain strategy game


What Is Star Atlas DAO?

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Star Atlas is a popular blockchain-based and space-themed strategy multiplayer game.
Star Atlas recently announced its DAO and updated marketplace as a push towards Web3.
These new updates provide a better user experience and enable players to have a say in the game's development.

Star Atlas, the popular blockchain-based and space-themed strategy multiplayer game recently announced its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and updated marketplace as a push towards its position within the Web3 space and doubled down on its vision of decentralization.

The company wants to ensure that players own their creations and spaceships and that the NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) utilize blockchain technology to enable authentication.

Star Atlas DAO

The DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a form of structure designed to not only have a central authoritative body but distributes the facets of decision making, management, and entity ownership to its members.

Blockchain projects have pushed this to the forefront with autonomous and transparent smart contracts that make up the foundation of this concept. They execute the decisions made and agreed by everyone participating in the DAO. This allows the community to be vocal when it comes to making decisions like treasury allocations or technical upgrades.

Star Atlas is now tapping into the power of the community for future decisions about the game through the Star Atlas Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This will allow players and stakeholders to vote on governance issues within the game.

This is just the start as future plans for the platform will include players, who are a part of the Metaverse, to participate on every level of governance. The lite paper even suggested that the game’s long-term vision is a fully player-owned game. It will be controlled and funded through its decentralized nature and eventually become autonomous.

This is just another step in allowing the players to determine what kind of game they want and steer the project as they please. Notably, Star Atlas plans to have a DAO for each faction. The DAO will determine different aspects of the game such as controlled regions or even distribution of taxes.

The DAO’s purpose will be to control in-game assets through various on-chain tools to manage activities, in-game items, manage the treasuries, and coordinate other activities.

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the platform that will in the future give users the ability to participate in Star Atlas governance via the DAO,” said Michael Wagner, the CEO of Automata (ATMTA) who is one of the lead developers of Star Atlas.

He continued, “Holders of POLIS will be able to lock their tokens from two weeks up to five years, which entitles them to voting power on public proposals. This voting-escrow model favors community members with long-term conviction in the Star Atlas vision, and signals the ATMTA team’s confidence in our ability to deliver a fun game as well as a framework for developers and content creators to build in the metaverse.

The Galactic Marketplace

Star Atlas also launched the Galactic Marketplace that focuses on buying and selling gaming NFTs. This new marketplace is a revamp of what previously existed on the Star Atlas website. The marketplace has a better user experience and it can sell and buy assets directly to and from other players.

The Galactic Marketplace is an economic hub built on the Solana Blockchain and enables the users around the world to trade in-game assets such as spaceships. Notably, it is bringing near-zero operating costs.

Luciano Castello, product lead for the marketplace, in a statement said, “One of our primary objectives was to make sure this new version of the marketplace solved real problems that you, the community, helped us identify by participating in user research and being vocal on Discord. With that we were able to focus and deliver a simpler and more intuitive marketplace experience.

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