The University of Tokyo has announced a range of courses focused on the Metaverse.


The University of Tokyo Gears up to Offer Courses on Metaverse

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The University of Tokyo has announced a range of courses that are focused on the Metaverse.
The project’s key aim is to tackle the issue of a lack of skilled personnel within the Metaverse space.

The University of Tokyo, also known as Todai, has announced a range of courses focused on the Metaverse. The courses will be directed towards a wide audience ranging from junior high school students to those already in the workforce who are looking to expand or grasp the fundamentals of the Metaverse. The courses are designed to take place within a Metaverse.

The Asahi Shimbun reported that the courses and study programs will not be a regular faculty that offers degrees. Instead, it will be set up by Todai’s Faculty of Engineering and engineering-related graduate schools. Upon completing the course, students will receive certificates.

The project’s key aim is to tackle the issue of having skilled people within the Metaverse space and to ensure that they are updated with the advancements of technology.

It should be noted that the topics of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies were not specifically mentioned in the course curriculum. But due to their association with the Metaverse and given that a number of popular Metaverse brands utilize both Crypto and NFTs, it is safe to assume that the courses will have some mention of blockchain technologies. It could also include the working of blockchain technologies and how they are utilized on various platforms.

Who is eligible for the Metaverse courses?

The younger audience including junior-high and high school students will be taught an introductory course on the Metaverse and will also be introduced to engineering. This is an attempt to help the students choose a viable career path and gauge their options in the engineering and Metaverse industries.

Online and face-to-face classes will be held for the students and guardians to help them understand the engineering course structures. Students will also experience hands-on learning and training where companies partnered with Todai will conduct practical classes.

Students at other universities will also have access to the Todai Metaverse. This will enable them to learn about the various engineering programs present within The University of Tokyo.

The course is not just for school students. The course is also looking to attract those in university or those who are already a part of the workforce and looking to upgrade their knowledge or get reacquainted with the subject matter themselves via online courses that put a focus on entrepreneurial education, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more.

According to The Asahi Shimbun, these courses will also act as a platform to tackle the lack of female representation in the engineering university programs and will push to attract more female students.

Utilizing the Metaverse

The metaverse will play a key part in these courses and will be tackling the issue of inclusiveness. University officials stated that, by teaching the course on the Metaverse, they can create an educational system that is inclusive of “anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing and area of residence.”

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