Guild of Guardians faction challenge #2 is live and is known as the Eye of Morax


The Sandbox X Guild of Guardians Faction Challenge #2 Is Live

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Guild of Guardians faction challenge #2 is live is in The Sandbox
The challenge known as the Eye of Morax
Players will compete for a share in two prize pools totaling 6000 Guild Of Guardians (GOG) tokens.

Guild of Guardians faction challenge #2 is live in The Sandbox. The challenge known as the Eye of Morax is a play and earn challenge happening through the summer. Currently in Stage 2 which is medium difficulty, players will compete for a share in two prize pools totalling 6000 Guild Of Guardians (GOG) tokens.

What is The Eye of Morax Mission

The Eye of Morax mission tasks players to knock balls into the lava while avoiding aggressive skeletons looking to kill you. The challenge has three stages, with the first stage being easy mode but that has been completed, but you can still enter the challenge at medium difficulty. Hard challenge will open in August.

How to participate in the Guild of Guardians Faction Challenge #2

To participate you need a Metamask wallet, a Sandbox and avatar, an internet connection and to download the GameMaker.

To get started:

1.) Create your MetaMask wallet and connect it to The Sandbox

2.) This will prompt you to make an account on The Sandbox

3.) You can under Web3, click on “Connect your wallet”

4.) This will raise a prompt from MetaMask browser extension to sign a signature request and allow MetaMask to connect to your Sandbox

5.) Once you enter an email and password, click create your account and your good to go!

6.) Download the Sandbox Gamemaker, this will be required to access the challenge so you can find “GOG HQ” in the “Draft Gallery” tab of the GameMaker

It should be noted that the Gamemaker doesn’t have a search function as of yet, so you can use a 3rd party tool such as this one or find the challenge around page 710 or further as of June 2022. You can also join the GOG discord for daily updates on the challenge, which page is it on and more.

How to obtain rewards

To obtain rewards, your wallet must be linked to Immutable X (IMX) for the token distribution. Another crucial aspect of being eligible is to be a part of a faction within the Guild of Guardians discord channel.

This is due to the fact that rewards are divided into swimming pools. They are then awarded to factions with the best participation rating. The primary prize pool is of 5000 GOG tokens, this where 45% of the pool goes to the faction with the highest participation score and 100 GOG tokens are distributed to 23 random faction members.

For second place, 15 gamers and for third place faction, they also get 100 tokens. The 2nd prize pool is 1000 GOG tokens and this one focuses on the top 10 gamers who completed the quest on medium with the fastest attainable time. Once you complete the challenge and make a tweet with a link of the website and a screenshot of the victory with the hashtag #GOGxSANDBOX and tag both companies win from the prize pool.

The Sandbox is expanding and reaching further with their hosting of play to earn, more and more publishers are getting involved in projects through The Sandbox to improve and make more interactive games and events.

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