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Spider Tanks Lite Paper Announces Initial Economic Plans for the Game

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Spider Tank is a PvP brawler game on the Gala Games platform.
The tokenomics of Spider Tanks comprise of two main tokens - SILK and Arachnium
Players who do not have Spider Tank NFTs can also take part using the Pilot Program

Spider Tanks has gained massive user popularity ever since its launch on the Gala Games platform. Although it is still in the beta stages of testing, its unique battle mechanics and PvP brawling premise have attracted genuine user interest. The basic gameplay of Spider Tanks includes users competing against each other on different maps in a skill-based, play-to-win game environment.

While Spider Tanks is free to play, players will also have the opportunity to purchase and trade different in-game assets like weapons, tanks, and bodies to enhance their gameplay and progress. Set to officially launch in 2022, Spider Tanks recently came out with its Lite Paper (a shorter version of a whitepaper) to give users an insight into the initial economic plan for the game.

How to obtain SILK rewards in Spider Tanks?

In the Spider Tanks metaverse, the SILK is of paramount importance. Here are the different ways for participants to earn SILK.

NFT Player

If a user already owns an in-game NFT like a tank body, hero tank or a tank weapon, they become eligible to obtain Victory Points when they win a match. These points can be exchanged for SILK depending on the points-to-silk ratio for that day. Depending on the rarity of NFTs used and performance in games, users can earn more Victory Points which would lead to more SILK.

Map Owners

If a Spider Tanks player owns an NFT map, they can link it to a Planetary Node. This will allow other users to play on that map. The NFT holder will be rewarded a percentage of victory points from the winning team.

Planetary Node Operators

Players enabling matches to be played on a user NFT map will receive a portion of rewards equivalent to the map owner.

Free-to-Play Users

Even if a user does not have a Tank or Map NFT, they will still be able to earn rewards from playing the game by signing up for the pilot program. Although these may not be equivalent to NFT holders, it definitely helps new users get familiar with the Spider Tank ecosystem.

Company-owned and Founder’s Node

Gala and Gamedia, the publisher and developer of Spider Tanks will have access to a portion of the distribution. Apart from that, Founder’s Node operators will also be entitled to receive a portion of the distribution.

What can users do with SILK?

As discussed, there are plenty of ways to obtain SILK inside Spider Tanks. After you obtain SILK, there is a lot users can do with it. A few examples are:

Obtain Arachnium

The official in-game currency of Spider Tanks is Arachnium. As a native token, users can use Arachnium to buy components for upgrades, rerolls, and even to upgrade the quality of a tank. SILK can be exchanged for Arachnium and users will also be given a chance to directly receive victory rewards in the native token.

Upgrading components, quality, and rerolls.

To upgrade their tank, users will need to purchase components like bolts, scrap metals, energy core etc. All these components have different prices depending on their rarities and can be paid for in Arachnium by converting SILK. Users can also upgrade the quality of their tank to earn more rewards per match and players can apply rerolls to increase the quality of their upgrades.

Energy Fix in Spider Tanks

Every match the users play consumes their energy. As energy decreases, the number of Victory Points earned also decreases. Therefore for players who want to earn more money while playing the game, it becomes important to upgrade their energy. Users can do that by spending SILK which is ultimately dependent on item rarity and level.

Purchasing Spider Tanks

During specific events, users will be allowed to purchase tank NFTs using SILK. They will also be given an option to purchase specific NFTs like Tank Body or Tank weapons and even hero tanks. Although these events might be rare, they will allow free-to-play users to get deeper into the Spider Tanks ecosystem.

Spider Tanks Map Upgrades, Planetary Nodes Upgrades, and Other Uses

As mentioned, map owners receive a percentage reward from the games hosted on their map. This means that the more matches that are played on a map, the more a map owner benefits. To increase the availability of a map in the map queue, users can level up their maps using Arachnium. Planetary Node works similarly to the map queue. Planetary Nodes can also be upgraded to occupy more slots in the queue. This results in being matched with more maps and ultimately an increase in earnings. As the game develops, more items will be purchasable using SILK. These will include cosmetic items and other upgrades that might provide buffs.

Spider Tanks Pilot Program

The Spider Tanks Pilot Program has been introduced to allow players without a tank NFT to explore Spider Tanks. Users with tank NFTs can submit their selected tank to the pilot program for a predetermined time period, and users willing to try this game will be randomly assigned a tank. As players keep on winning and earning, a percentage of the earnings will be kicked back to the owner of that NFT. Although this program is in the early stages, it provides a foundation upon which the complete system can be built.

Spider Tanks Power Mechanics

Although the game is in the initial stages, power mechanics is a pre-planned initiative for the future of Spider Tanks. It focuses on player engagement within the Spider Tank ecosystem.

SILK Power

As the game progresses, users will be mandated to hold a certain amount of SILK in their wallets. This can include both minted SILK in a wallet or the unminted SILK in treasure chests. Depending on the SILK Power multiplier, users will need to hold a specific quantity of SILK to obtain Victory Points based on Victory Points-to-SILK ratio


Items of higher level have more victory point reward potential. To obtain these rewards, users will need to hold GALA along with SILK. To get a higher reward potential, users might also need to hold certain SILK Power in GALA

Honor System

The Honor System in Spider Tanks has been introduced to keep active users engaged and incentivized in the game. This system will also punish players who act against the fundamental game mechanics. Depending on the Honor Score, it will become easier or harder for users to stack victory points. This ensures that players work in the best interest of the game ecosystem.

Interested users can also read the full Lite Paper from the official website.

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