Polygon Skyrockets with 17,000% Increase in Active Users, Thanks to Hunters On-Chain

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Polygon has reportedly become the second-largest blockchain platform, surpassing Hive and BNB Chain, with a 53% increase in unique active wallets (UAWs) in March, totaling 138,081 UAWs.
BoomLand's Hunters On-Chain game has been a key driver of Polygon's success, with a staggering 17,000% increase in active users in just 30 days.
Other popular games on Polygon include Planet IX, Sunflower Land, Benji Bananas, and Aavegotchi, with Planet IX and Hunters On-Chain dominating the platform's presence in March.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfBRnjp8tQEBlockchain network platform Polygon has risen to become the second-largest platform according to DappRadar, a Decentralised Application (DApp) analytics platform. In the latest "Blockchain Games Report," Polygon surpassed Hive and BNB Chain, with a 53% increase in unique active wallets (UAW) reported in March, totaling 138,081 UAWs. The only platform ahead of Polygon is WAX, with approximately 314,000 UAWs, making Polygon a significant player in the blockchain network space.

BoomLand’s Hunters: The Key Behind Success?

Polygon's blockchain network platform has experienced a surge in active users, with a staggering 17,000% increase in just 30 days, largely driven by the success of BoomLand's Hunters On-Chain game. This information comes from DappRadar, which also revealed that Planet IX, a strategy play-to-earn NFT game, dominated the on-chain activity on Polygon in the first quarter. The popularity of Polygon's zero-knowledge rollup in March and its collaborations with major companies like Adidas, Adobe, Reddit, Starbucks, and Warner Music for NFT initiatives and projects have also contributed to the platform's rise in unique active wallets (UAWs). Currently, Polygon's native token, MATIC, has a total market capital of $10 billion.

According to DappRadar, the most popular games on Polygon, apart from Hunters On-Chain, include Planet IX, Sunflower Land, Benji Bananas, Oath of Peak, Playbite, The Dustland, Crazy Defense Heroes, Aavegotchi, and The Red Village, with Planet IX and Hunters On-Chain dominating the Polygon Network presence in March.

Planet IX is set in a dystopian storyline and is the world's largest NFT-based strategy game, with approximately 550,000 players and over 400 million NFTs sold, according to the creators. The game aims to raise awareness about humanity's impact on the world today.

Hunters On-Chain, released in January, is a web3 adaptation of the popular mobile game Hunt Royale and is a free-to-play RPG. Since its test-net launch last month, the game has gained significant traction, entering the charts as one of the top blockchain games. A recent NFT sale on March 31st further boosted its popularity, with DappRadar reporting that Hunters On-Chain, along with 'Iskra,' had a monthly on-chain usage growth of 15,497%.

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