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GAM3 Awards 2022

Polkastarter's GAM3 Awards 2022 Winners Revealed: Celebrating the Best in Blockchain Gaming

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The winners of the inaugural edition of Polkastarter's web3 game awards, the GAM3 Awards 2022, were announced on December 15. Over 40,000 unique voters cast over 250,000 votes for the awards, which were judged based on core gameplay, visuals, accessibility, replayability, fun components, and overall experience. The winners shared over $1 million worth of prizes from sponsors including Immutable X, CryptoSlate, Blockchain Game Alliance, and Machinations.

The Game of the Year award went to Big Time, a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG game, while Brycent, a popular Twitch streamer, won the Best Content Creator award. Other categories included Most Anticipated Game, Best Graphics, Best Action Game, Best Mobile Game, Best Casual Game, Best RPG, Best Shooter Game, Best Strategy Game, and Best DeFi Game.

Just like its traditional gaming counterpart, The Game Awards, the GAM3 Awards gave its audience exclusive sneak peaks of new web3 games. Blocklords gameplay was featured for the first time. Exclusive updates from Mythic Protocol, Cards of Ethernity, Mummy.io and Elarium were also shared.

Urvit Goel, the Head of Global Games at Polygon Studios, praised the quality and variety of the games nominated for the GAM3 Awards and remarked on the dedication of the developers creating them. Goel believes the awards showcase the promising future of blockchain gaming.

List of Winners of the Gam3 Awards 2022

Game of the Year & Best Adventure Game: Big Time

Big Time is the flagship game of Big Time Studios. This cooperative RPG combines fast-action combat with the collectibility of NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure.

Most Anticipated Game: Shrapnel

SHRAPNEL is bundled with a rich set of player-creation tools, combining combat, creation, curation, competition and connection into a community where players own the platform and decide its future.

Best Graphics: Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a futuristic MMORPG built on the Solana blockchain. It's based in the year 2620, it's a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and living among the stars.

Best Action Game: Superior

In this co-op third-person shooter, all the world’s superheroes have turned into evil abominations and the goal of the game is to hunt them down, steal their powers, and take on ever-tougher challenges.

Best Mobile Game: Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is the world's first blockchain-based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game. You can team up with friends and enter battles while enjoying a fun gameplay which relies heavily on skills.

Best Casual Game: Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a vibrant open-world multiplayer game styled like a giant block party. The game allows players to create, build and socialize in the game. It also focuses on custom art and design, level building, exploration of user created levels, and curating collections of unique and rare Blankos!

Best RPG: Illuvium

Illuvium, the world's first IBG (Interoperable Blockchain Game) is an upcoming open-world exploration, NFT creature collector and autobattler game. Players can join a graphically-rich sci-fi adventure, explore 7 dazzling alien landscapes and conquer the wilderness to uncover the cataclysmic events that shattered Illuvium and help your crash-landed crew flourish!

Best Shooter Game: MetalCore

No, this isn't about the music genre. MetalCore is an NFT-based, open world, mechanized combat game. Fight alongside your faction in territorial battles on a mineral rich alien planet. It is a futuristic, free-to-play, first-person/third-person multiplayer vehicular shooter powered by towering mechs, armored tanks, and high-flying jets fighting for dominance in large-scale battles.

Best Strategy Game & Best Card Game: Gods Unchained

A free-to-play trading card game where players compete in epic duels using fantasy cards. The game brings true digital ownership to players, as well as provides the means to earn items that matter.

Best Multiplayer Game & Best Esports Game: EV.io

EV.IO provides players with a high quality fast-paced first-person shooter, playable from your web browser. EVIO is host to all kinds of fun abilities that go beyond simple “point and shoot” mechanics. 

Best Content Creator: Brycent

Popular Twitch streamer and content creator.

People’s Choice Award: League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is where players can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across the blockchain.

Games’ Choice Award: The Harvest

Fresh new take on Class-Based Shooters. Fight along with your teammates against other players to take control of the universe's essence. Define your combat style as you play, gaining and combining different abilities to become the best squad.

Overall, the inaugural edition of the GAM3 Awards was a success, with a diverse range of winners and exclusive sneak peeks at new web3 games. The awards demonstrated the growing excitement and innovation in the blockchain gaming industry, and the passion of the developers driving it forward. Congratulations to all the winners and here's to even more exciting developments in the world of blockchain gaming in the future.

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