The Polium One is the first Web3 focused gaming console


Polium One: An NFT Gaming Console Announced

Zen Khurana
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Polium One is the first, exclusive Web3 games console and is supposedly slated for a 2024 release
The console is said to be pushing 8K HDR graphics with custom chips from NVIDIA
You can only get it by owning a ‘Polium Pass’ and pre-ordering the console.

Web3 enterprise Polium has introduced its first-ever gaming console, boasting Web3 functions such as video games that are hosted on different blockchains networks including Solana, Immutable X, Polygon, Wax, and more.

Features of Polium One

Polium One's objectives are to remedy the troubles of Web3 video games hosted on a couple of chains by integrating them into a single console. To receive the console, players need to have pre-ordered the console and own the ‘Polium pass,’ an NFT, with 10,000 mints which is on the Ethererum network. The company wrote, “The Polium Pass will be a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be on the Ethereum blockchain. By purchasing this pass, you will be pre-ordering the Polium One console and will receive benefits.

Polium is looking to combat the complexity of building or buying a gaming PC and looking for a cost-effective alternative. The console will feature a touch ID sensor within the controller to allow a secure method of log-in and will also have a quick-button to access the wallet which will aid with “trading, swapping, staking and receiving cryptocurrency.

Developed by a team of four members, Polium is claiming that the console will have the capacity to push 8K, HDR titles and ensure 120 FPS with ray tracing. The Whitepaper also mentioned “a custom CPU and GPU by NVIDIA.” It should be noted that NVDIA has not openly mentioned that it is in partnership with Polium.

A turbulent reception

There are a few worrying details about the console that gamers are just not confident about. One major factor is that the console currently only exists as a prototype and secondly, the environment of Web3 is still relatively new and under development. Hence people are wondering about the number of games that will be developed and are curious about why developers would choose to develop games for Polium One over PS5, Xbox or PC. The company has made it clear that it won't be accepting pre-orders or funding till it has the prototype ready.

Another criticism is the fact the logo of Polium looks bears resemblance to logos of other companies like Gamecube and Minecraft’s server hosting platform: Pebble Host. As a result, the gaming community has quickly jumped on the bandwagon to add to the nitpicking. This resulted in them sending out a tweet saying

On the bright side, Polium One can be an exciting endeavor given the current state of Web3 gaming. The launch of a Web3 exclusive platform may help push developers to work on more titles and attract new people to enter the world of Web3 gaming via an easily accessible platform. The first look of Polium One’s prototype is expected to be released in November

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