PlayEstates is the first play-to-earn blockchain powered gaming platform that allows gamers to own real-world real estates as assets


PlayEstates, Web3 gaming platform launches fractional ownership model allowing newer generation to own IRL real estate assets

Zen Khurana
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PlayEstates is the first play-to-earn blockchain powered gaming platform that allows gamers to own real-world real estates as assets
Through a unique fractional ownership model, they are making real estate investments more accessible
Players have the opportunity to be a part of real estate investments through playing various games and earning rewards.

The current Web3 space and GameFi space is an ever-evolving one with a surge of interest due to innovative new projects. PlayEstates is one such project. They are the first Web3 gaming platform that is backed by real world assets in the form of real estate.

PlayEstates offers accessibility through gamification

PlayEstates is looking to make investment opportunities more accessible through the launch of its fractional ownership model. This allows gamers to own a share of real estate and shareholders are the ones who split the cost of upkeep and maintenance of a property, making real estate ownership more accessible. This is a unique design and is claimed to be backed by a team of real estate professionals who work on scouting locations and looking for properties.

PlayEstates utilizes the PlayEstates’ fractional token (PFT) which represents fractional ownership and serves as proof of ownership. This has an additional bonus of allowing holders to sell properties quickly and efficiently. The real assets provide collateral against the tokens. The platform’s utility token OWND is also protected by real assets and allows holders to play games, earn rewards as well as utilize it for transactions.

The PFT token is what allows players and holders to increase the percentage of ownership and earn a passive income. They can also exchange and sell the token for other cryptocurrency or cash, as well as partaking in the decision making process within the ecosystem.

The process is simplified through gamification. You simply start off by purchasing one of the key NFTs, play a variety of blockchain based games on the platform itself and as you earn tokens to build your wealth through the games, you can cash them in for fractional ownership of real world- real estate assets with information on Return on Investments, location, rental income and more

PlayEstates is looking to tackle the problem of making real estate investments more accessible and more fun through gamification on the blockchain.

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