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‘No Man’s Sky’ Players Create an In-Game Cryptocurrency

Zen Khurana
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The No Man’s Sky community has self-invented a cryptocurrency that deliberately has no value
It’s built upon the Ethereum Testnet, which essentially means that the currency is valueless.
The inventors of the cryptocurrency, The Galactic Hub has ruled that it can't be exchanged for actual money tying its value to No Man's Sky only.

The No Man’s Sky community is a dedicated one. Sticking with the game through its rocky launch, shifting through constant updates and now building a sustainable ecosystem where the community and players choose to come together to help the game stay relevant and active.

No Man's Sky has several shortcomings like the lack of a real PVP experience. One of the its biggest ones is the end game content. Though the game has procedural generated world, it still has a story with an end game with many finishing the game with a huge amount of credits (the in-game currency) but nothing to spend it on.

Enter the Galactic Hub

The Galactic Hub logo chosen by the community.

To fix this problem, a new in-game community called The Galatic Hub is implementing a cryptocurrency coin called the HubCoin in-game, according to a report by VICE.

The Galactic Hub is a massive community that has stuck with the game over the years, aiming to make the game more enjoyable and bring people together to develop a sustainable community. They have evolved to a point where they have real holidays, businesses, and more.

The group's latest achievement is the creation of the HubCoin. A coin with no real-world value but has widely been adopted and being used by many players in the community.

In No Man’s Sky, you have the option to create and build houses, bases, and very complex structures that are only limited by the amount of effort and time that you can put into the game. So when players conceptualize mega-structures like the Death Star or even the Iron Giant they may find themselves needing help with designing, building, or customizing their base.

Unfortunately, players can't compensate their fellow players with the existing in-game resources or in-game currency since they can be duplicated or obtained through exploits. This is where HubCoin comes into play. It is being used as a replacement to create a meta-game economy and can be used to pay players for their in-game efforts.

How to earn HubCoins

To earn HubCoins, you need to join the The Galatic Hub discord and do simple social tasks like filling out a wiki. Players can also earn HubCoins by using the #Trades-and-Services" channel and help with building a base by working as an architect, interior designer, construction material supplier, electrician, or even as an investor.

These HubCoins can then be used to pay other players for their services or be exchanged for real life merchandise.

The Galactic Hub has also ruled that it can't be exchanged for actual money making sure that the only value the cryptocurrency has is in No Man's Sky.

While HubCoin is off to a good start, the micro-economy is still vulnerable to several problems, the chief being the problem of devaluation through inflation as the community grows and scales.

However, The Galactic Hub team is confident that it can handle these challenges.

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