My Neighbor Alice announces extension of their Alpha Season 1 and the start of their new land sale


My Neighbor Alice Extends Alpha With Land Sale Going Live!

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My Neighbor Alice announces extension of their Alpha Season 1
The team also announced the start of a new Land sale
Players also have the opportunity to win a free Land plot

Popular blockchain building game My Neighbor Alice announced that their Alpha Season 1 has been extended until the 31st of August. It also announced the first wave of its NFT land sale which will last for 24 hours. Players will have an opportunity to purchase new land in the popular blockchain game.

Ownership of these NFT plots will allow players to have early access to the game and will include 1,000 NFT lands from the in-game Tourney Wolds region. There will be five waves of the sale starting from the 1st of August till the 15th of August. There will be a total of 975 plots and at the end of each wave, five land plots will be given away for free through lucky draws.

How to participate in the Auction

The auction will take place within the new NFT Marketplace where people can see and bid on land plots. The key dates, land quantity and reserve price are as follows:

For players to be a part of the bid, you have to head over to the primary marketplace. Once you find a plot of land you like and place a bid, there will be a countdown for 24 hours and that bid can be extended if there is an offer made within the last 30 minutes of the countdown.

The Lottery

The team is also giving back to the community by holding a lottery. This lottery will take place after the end of a land sale and each participant of the bid will be eligible to win one free plot. The higher the players bid, the higher the chances they have of winning a free plot.

It should be noted that even if you failed to win a plot during a bid, you will still be eligible for the lottery to win exciting prizes

Extended Alpha Season 1

In addition to the exciting land sale, the team also took to twitter to announce the extension of their Alpha Season 1. The Alpha had previously been open for the month of July, but the team has now extended the Alpha to 31 August 2022.

Only those who land in My Neighbor Alice can take part in the Alpha wherein they can download the game launcher and try the game! Landowners are required to connect their apple to the Chromia Network.

This season is The Season of the Timber Coast. Players have the chance to meet Alice, complete main quests and try activities such as fishing. The gameplay is still limited, and any progress made during this time will be reset with the exception of the main quests.

The extension of the Alpha comes at a great time as the new land sale is a great opportunity for new players to experience the world of My Neighbor Alice and become a part of the ecosystem.

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