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MT8 x Puzzle Team win the 2022 MMG Axie Masters League

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MT8 X Puzzle clinched the Method Meta Guild Axie Masters League title and took home $70k USD.
The biggest guilds namely yield guild, Perion and Meta8 were involved and 8 teams competed for the championship.
Over 4000 viewers witnessed the streaming of the finals via the Twitch.

On 19th November 2022, MT8 X Puzzle team became the winners of the 2022 MMG Axie Masters Legaue. The team consisting of Yuuuuu, Mino and De-hi took home the prize money of $70,000 USD. The team beat Que3st in the final round. Eight teams in total namely MMG Blue, MMG Black, Perion Origin B, Que3st B, Sapegato, YGG Ndar, Que3st A, MT8 X Puzzle.

2022 has been a fairly successful year for MT8 with the team winning multiple championships including the Axie Classic and Axie Origins World Championship tournaments at AxieCon 2022 which took place on September.

Method Meta Guild is establishing itself as a leading force in blockchain esports tournaments

Method Meta Guild happens to be one of the leading blockchain esports tournament organizers who entered into partnerships with games. Axie Infinity is the latest addition in the cauldron of games organized by MMG. The partnership includes a grant with a prize pool of $160,000.

The company claims to have been in the industry for over 17 years and has partnered with firms to create a hub to get information and stats including e-sports results, tournament overviews, team and player profiles, etc. Additionally, the enterprise aims to create an esports academy that will facilitate automatic recruitment, automated token and game assets processing and provide pathways to become esports players or content creators.

MMG has partnered with eight games to organize esports tournaments. This includes titles like Axie Infinity, Cyball, Delysium, Planet Mojo,, Cantina Royale and Castle Crush.

This league was conducted amidst the declining value $AXS and the apprehension that is surging in the Crypto Trade Market. In the WhitePaper given by Axie Infinity it is clear that conducting e-sports is critical in the growth of the game and the company. It will be interesting to see how SkyMavis will entice players to actively play the game and gain traction.

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