Metacade: The next big P2E arcade platform?

Indiradevi Kollipara
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Metacade is a platform for gamers and crypto-enthusiasts. It is expected to officially go live in 2023
The platform combines P2E and C2E models and proposes to host a whole library of games.
The platform will be the first decentralized GameFi platform to provide internships, career, and business opportunities to its members.

Metacade is a platform for blockchain gamers and crypto ‘fanatics’, AKA ‘built by gamers, for gamers’ (as stated by the company). It aims to provide a space for users to collaborate and create metaverse games. Users can learn about the latest GameFi trends and win rewards for participating and providing input in the community. The USP of this platform is to enable a play-to-earn gaming experience in a community-driven environment. The founders aim to make gamers run the largest ‘P2E Arcade in the world’. Unlike other platforms, Metacade will be a host to many games. The model underlying Metacade is novel, as it enables gaming developers to test their games and also gain incentives through a Create-2-Earn (C2E) initiative.

What’s in the Metacade?

In the Metacade, users can see stats and information about trending games, view leaderboards, publish reviews and interact with other members. Participation (ie., posting and creating content, providing inputs) in the community will enable users to get rewards through the native $MCADE token. It is also the first GameFi hub to provide internships, careers, and business opportunities to its members. 

The Metacade also enables the $MCADE token holders to have a say in the decision-making process. For instance, token holders can choose the games that will receive funding from the Metagrants Scheme. This will enable a Create-2-Earn model of governance.

Metacade $MCADE Pre-Sale: 

Powered by ERC-20 standards, Metacade has a fixed supply of 2 billion $MCADE tokens and 1.4 billion tokens will be made available in the pre-sale event. At the time of writing this article, 59,208,957 tokens were sold and the Beta Round Price is 0.008 USDT=1 $MCADE. In 2023, the company will be listing the token and the initial development of Metacade will be underway. By 2024, key roles and responsibilities to the Metacade will be given to the token holders. The pre-sale event also has daily giveaways and at the end of the pre-sale, a mega prize of $125,000 will be awarded to one of 10,000 $MCADE token holders.

What’s Next?

The crypto market has seen a lot of developments lately. The fall of Luna, Terra, and FTX to name a few have brought people to question the veracity of crypto tokens. However, In a study by Blockchain Game Alliance around 1.4 million wallets interact with games every day and they account for about 49% of the use of blockchain technology. This could mean that the future is still bright in the GameFi space. Metacade’s approach could retain more active players unlike the downward surge of players in Axie Infinity. The extensive library of games and incentives to both developers and gamers would allow MetaCade to grow exponentially. 

You can sign-up for the latest news and updates by accessing Metacade’s official website.

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