Illuvium Launches its Fourth Game Illuvium: Beyond

Expects a sizeable NFT sale with over 250,000 registered buyers

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Illuvium: Beyond launches on 7th March</p></div>
Illuvium: Beyond is slated to launch on 7th March at 10 p.m. IST
The game is an interactive adventure and collectible card game on the ImmutableX platform.
Sales proceeds from Illuvium: Beyond will be directed to a USD 15 million "Safety Pool" to help sustain DAO operations

Illuvium, a decentralized studio, has launched a spin-off interactive adventure and collectible card game called Illuvium: Beyond on the ImmutableX platform. The game allows players to collect unique customizable avatars known as "Illuvitars," based on in-game characters, with rare collections increasing player rankings on the leaderboard and unlocking additional utility within the Illuvium Universe. Funds raised from the sale of Illuvium: Beyond will be directed to a $15 million USD “Safety Pool” that will mitigate risk from uncertain macroeconomic conditions and provide a unique source of runway to sustain DAO operations.

Experienced Artists Were Involved in the Creation of the Illuvitars Collection

Illuvium: Beyond features a curated selection of unique hand-drawn Illuvitars, accessories, backgrounds, finishes, and expressions that players can collect and customize. The game's avatars, known as "Illuvitars," are NFTs, which can also serve as the player's in-game avatar or profile picture.

The Illuvitars collection was created by a team of talented artists with experience at companies like Blizzard, Magic the Gathering, and Sega, led by Rogier Van De Beek, Head of Concept Art at Illuvium.

Proceeds from the sale of Illuvium: Beyond will go towards the Illuvium DAO's USD 15 million Safety Pool, which provides a unique source of runway to sustain DAO operations and mitigate the risk of uncertain macroeconomic conditions. This initiative aims to be an example of how players can invest in the future of games and become stakeholders in their success.

ImmutableX is the preferred platform for building and scaling Web3 games on Ethereum, and its solutions, frameworks, and tools were designed to transactions cheaper and faster without compromising Ethereum's inherent security and decentralization. By leveraging ImmutableX, Illuvium: Beyond developers aim to offer players an in-game experience that is seamless, accessible, and inclusive, regardless of their familiarity with Web3.

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is a decentralized studio building the world’s first Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG) universe including an open-world exploration game, industrial city builder, and autobattler, all on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can join a graphically-rich sci-fi adventure, explore seven dazzling alien landscapes and conquer the wilderness to uncover the cataclysmic events that shattered Illuvium and help their crash-landed crew flourish.

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