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Crypto Unicorns Onboards ex-Dota 2 caster and Axie Infinity Esports Head Andrew Campbell

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Andrew Campbell has joined Laguna Games, the developers behind Crypto Unicorns, as the Product and Market Growth Lead to expand the studio's lineup and create a "multiverse" of Crypto Unicorns experiences.
Campbell was drawn to Laguna Games because of their "games first, everything else second" approach, community-driven game development, and dedication to transparency.
Crypto Unicorns is set to expand well beyond its current gameplay offerings, with new experiences like Jousting, TeamRPG, Unicorn Party, Tribes, and PvP.

Former Dota 2 caster and Axie Infinity esports head Andrew Campbell (aka “Zyori”) announced that he has joined Laguna Games. The game development and R&D studio is behind Crypto Unicorns, a browser-based game that runs on blockchain technology. Decrypt reports that Campbell will be responsible for expanding the studio's lineup, which includes potential additional games that utilize its NFT unicorn pets. The studio aims to create a "multiverse" of Crypto Unicorns experiences, and his expertise in the gaming industry is expected to play a vital role in achieving this goal.

Why Andrew Campbell Chose to Join Laguna Games and Crypto Unicorns

On his Twitter handle, Andrew Campbell explained that the company’s “Games first, everything else second” approach was a key reason for the switch. “Laguna Games is an experienced mobile free2play team with 90+ members. They have a leadership team with a lot of industry experience and are prepared to scale,” he said.

Additionally, he explained that Laguna is serious about cracking the code on community-driven game development. Its $RBW governance token has already seen 17 proposals and funded projects from the treasury, with an impressive participation rate of over 40%. Campbell also stated that transparency was a core pillar of how Laguna builds trust with its players and pointed out that the company posts quarterly reports that track all spending from the treasury, and they build features that are often suggested directly by its players.

He also explained that he was excited by Laguna Games’ upcoming projects in the pipeline. According to him, Crypto Unicorns will be expanding well beyond farm/land gameplay with new experiences over the next few months. These include Jousting, TeamRPG, Unicorn Party, Tribes, and even PvP.

Finally, Campbell praised Laguna's flagship product, Crypto Unicorns, for its unique art style and light-heartedness, which appeals to a wide variety of gamers. 

Prior to his role in Laguna Games, Campbell had notable stints in Axie Infinity as its Esports Head and in Dota 2 as a Caster.

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