As part of the "Summer of Ghosts" campaign, CBS has announced the popular tv show is entering the Metaverse through Decentraland


CBS Launches Web3 Game Based on Hit Series “Ghosts”

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Popular broadcasting Network CBS, is taking its first step into the Metaverse.
By partnering up with CreativeDepartmint, CBS is releasing an immersive 3D experience based on the hit series Ghosts.

Popular broadcasting Network CBS is taking its first step into the Metaverse by announcing the launch of its hit comedy series ‘Ghosts’ on Decentraland as part of its marketing campaign “Summer of Ghosts.” This campaign was launched in partnership with CreativeDepartmint, a Web3 marketing agency.

The hit TV show Ghosts is about two people who convert their inherited country estate into a bed and breakfast but find out that the mansion is inhabited by the ghosts of its previous residents.

The Woodstone Mansion

The popular Woodstone Mansion will be hosted on Decentraland where fans can explore the immersive environment. Users will have the opportunity to solve puzzles, explore land collectible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and go on exciting adventures within the 3D mansion.

To ensure immersiveness, CreativeDepartmint will also be using the sets and characters voiced by the real-life actors. This will allow for a realistic experience for fans to take in and enjoy.

The game will also have a series of NFTs minted on Ethereum and Polgon to allow low gas fees as well lower carbon emissions. CBS stated, “1,100 tokens are available for each character with varying degrees of rarity, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of the comedy’s history on a blockchain network that champions unrivalled user experience and rapid speeds.


Mike Benson, president and chief marketing officer at CBS, said, “We are continually looking for innovative ways to further develop new audiences for CBS programming, and our hit series ‘Ghosts,’ with its significant following, wide-ranging otherworldly characters, and expansive setting, seemed like a natural fit for the metaverse.” He added that the Web3 Ghosts game in Decentraland would bring the series to life in an exciting way that’s never been done and also enable visitors to each have their own very unique experience while exploring the world of the show.

The game will also have a series of NFTs minted on Ethereum and Polygon to allow low gas fees as well as lower carbon emissions, and as per CBS’ announcement 1,100 tokens with varying degrees of rarity will be available for each character, allowing fans to own a piece of the show on a blockchain network.

This Web3 game will be accessible through the Ghostmetaverse website starting in September. Jonathan Block-Verk, the founder of CreativeDepartmint, noted that this is the first-ever Decentraland game built by a US network.

Adam de Cata, the head of partnerships at Decentraland foundation, stated, “Entertainment has been driving metaverse adoption globally, and Decentraland is excited to have an institution like CBS enter the metaverse and bring a new type of immersion from the TV world.

CreativeDepartmint has worked closely with Moonwalk, a Web3 platform to deliver the NFTs and collaborated with famous Metaworld Studio TerraZero to create the Decentraland experience.

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