Cantina Royale s a top-down fun and a lively tactical arcade shooter game.


Cantina Royale: All You Need to Know About This Tactical Arcade Shooter

Shivang Patel
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Cantina Royale is a top-down fun and a lively tactical arcade shooter game.
Players can play in exciting PvP and PvE game modes.
Users can earn in-game by taking on missions and participating in the battle royale mode

With the recent advances in the Web3 gaming segment, we have seen a lot of MMORPG titles flood the market. But plenty of gamers across the globe, consider shooter gamers to be at the highest pedestal. During this newfound dominance of blockchain games, FPS and shooter games have become the go-to choice for many innovative market leaders in the space. At the forefront of this revolution is Cantina Royale – a tactical arcade shooter.

Cantina Royale is set in a rowdy space-themed metaverse filled with delinquents. Here, players can form unlikely alliances, take down rivals, loot resources and earn money.

The open beta of Cantina Royale is available for play currently and players can hope to see more information about the game's official release soon.

What can you do in Cantina Royale?

Overall, Cantina Royale is pretty fun and lively and thanks to its well-developed game modes. Users can engage in competitive gameplay and earn exciting rewards in the metaverse. The Cantina Royale game is divided into two main game modes and they are as follows:

1. Player vs Environment (PvE) mode

Users play in teams of up to four members and take on exciting challenges in this game mode. Players can enter a mission, fight bandits and bots for treasure and take on increasingly harder missions each time they succeed. PvE mode features both single and multiplayer games which include dedicated missions, single-player wave attacks, and multiplayer wave attacks.

2. Player vs Player (PvP) mode

Nothing beats the feeling that one gets while taking down a formidable opponent and the PvP mode challenges players to push and get better at the game. In Cantina Royale, players can choose from four different game modes to compete against other users.

- 1v1 Match

As the name suggests, players can show their skills and defeat their opponents in a classic 1v1 deathmatch. For competitive players, this game mode is ideal as it allows them to showcase their skills and establish dominance.

- Free-for-All

The Free-for-All is a deathmatch game where all players play for themselves. 4-8 players go against each other and the user with the highest kill count is declared the winner.

- Team Deathmatch

In this game mode, 4-8 players are split into teams with the objective of defeating the other team. The team that successfully defeats all players on the opposing team is named the winner.

- Team Objective

4-8 players team up to achieve certain in-game objectives. Players have to pass through various hurdles and complete the objective before the other team. The first team to achieve the goal is declared the winner.

How to download Cantina Royale?

The open beta of Catrina Royale launched on 8th August for NFT and token holders. Interested users should either acquire a Genesis Space NFT or have at least 100 $CRT tokens in their wallets to participate in the open beta.

Play-to-Earn in Cantina Royale

There are plenty of ways to earn rewards in Cantina Royale. Players can win raids, participate in the battle royale game, and also earn XP to boost rewards. While Cantina Royale is a free-to-play game, NFT holders and premium players will be able to gain more valuable rewards from raids and battles. NFT holders can also rent their characters to earn passive income on the side.

Cantina Royale is an innovative project hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to shooter games. While users are presented with plenty of earning opportunities, it is up to the player to utilize them effectively to maximize their profit. Overall, Cantina Royale presents itself as a perfect project for beginners to get started in the blockchain gaming segment on paper and its success will be determined when the game releases.

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