Undead Blocks held MP5 Massacre event with a $10,000 prize pool


Blockchain Gamer Wins $1000 USD By Slaying Zombies in Undead Blocks

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Undead Blocks in partnership with Polkastarter Gaming held an MP5 Massacre event with a $10,000 USD prize pool.
ShinyatheNinj ultimately won the tournament and was rewarded $10,000 ZBUX ($1000 USD)
ZBUX is one of the two native tokens of Undead Blocks and primarily functions as a reward token with a pegged price of $0.10 USD

In a tournament hosted by Undead Blocks in partnership with Polkastarter Gaming, a player who goes by the in-game name (IGN) ShinyatheNinj won $10,000 ZBUX, a native token of Undead Blocks, which translates to $1000 USD. Unlike other blockchain-based games, Undead Blocks frequently holds prized tournaments. This helps interested players truly utilize the Play-to-Earn model and win exciting rewards.

Blockchain gaming has most certainly revolutionized the traditional gaming industry. With a wide variety of games now implementing blockchain technology, we are slowly witnessing prominent game developers shifting to this newer model. The downside to this shift is that new blockchain titles are coming out every day and some of the projects do not live up to their promise. Released in May 2022, Undead Blocks hopes to live to the expectations of the players with its engaging gameplay and a viable Play-to-Earn model where users are actually rewarded for the time they invest in the game.

Undead Blocks’ MP5 Massacre Event

Undead Blocks has quickly gained user popularity due to its fan-favorite zombie FPS shooter premise. It also has Solo, Squads, and Speed Run modes to make the gameplay fun while retaining user interest and unlike many other blockchain-based games, there is no skill barrier in this game. This means that all users, regardless of their past experience, will find this game enjoyable. Additionally, they can also compete in various sponsored tournaments.

The MP5 Massacre event which was recently held on 29th-30th July by Undead Blocks, in partnership with Polkastarter Gaming, saw a large number of users compete for a shot at the $10,000 USD prize pool. Users were only allowed to use the MP5 weapon and were tasked to kill as many zombies as they could during this event. The $10,000 USD prize pool was distributed among 1000 players with first place getting $10,000 ZBUX ($1000 USD).

The tournament turned out to be extremely competitive with some users not making it into the top 100 even after 370 zombie kills. Ultimately, ShinyatheNinja was declared the winner of this tournament and they received a lion’s share of the prize money: $10,000 ZBUX ($1000 USD).

Tokens in Undead Blocks

Much like any other blockchain-based game, Undead Blocks uses native cryptocurrency tokens as a means of exchanging value throughout the game. There are two main types of tokens in Undead Blocks – Undead and Zbux.

Undead Token

This token is primarily used for staking. Staking enables you to receive rewards and NFT prizes. Apart from that Undead token is also used for buying weapons and for governance purposes throughout the game.

Zbux Token

Zbux is an off-chain reward token pegged at $0.10 USD. Zbux primarily functions as a reward token and can be used to upgrade weapons and purchase in-game perks.

How to play Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks is not out yet. However, interested users can join the open beta. To do so, head to the official website and click on the download button. You will be redirected to a secondary website to create your account. After you finish setting up your account, you will be able to download the beta version of the game.

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