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Blankos Block Party: All You Need to Know to Get Started

Shivang Patel
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Mythical Games' Blanko Block Party can be best described as a Roblox meets Blockchain Gaming open world multiplayer game.
Currently the game is in early access and is available for PC and Mac only.

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play, open-world PC multiplayer game with some play-to-earn elements,with a block party theme. The game is built around ‘Blankos’ which are digital vinyl toys brought to life and can be customized by the players. These Blankos can be leveled up, upgraded with new skills and then be used to play games like Shooting games, Racing, Tag, Block Mode (building like you would with Minecraft or Roblox), or even custom games made by other users in “Party Bus.”

Mythical Games originally created Blankos Block Party as a tech demo for its marketplace. But owing to huge popularity from the audience and significant brand deals with companies like Burberry and Deadmau5, it is being developed as a full-fledged game.

The Blanko Block Party is a very vibrant metaverse where players can build experiences for the community. One of the biggest positives is the fact that to fully build in this metaverse, no coding experience is required. This means players, regardless of their background will be able to enjoy all the features completely.

What can you do in Blankos Block Party?

A huge amount of experiences created in this metaverse are user-generated. This means that players can develop different maps and games from scratch for other community members to enjoy. Playing these games will also help level up your Blanko and you will gain a position on the leaderboard. This in turn will help you complete daily challenges and earn rewards.

All Blankos have varied skill sets and are broadly classified into three different categories like Speedster, Trickster, and Bruiser. As you keep on leveling up, you also gain the ability to customize your Blanko.

How to download Blankos Block Party

Currently, Blankos Block Party is only available for PC and Mac but the developers have mentioned that support for more platforms might soon be available. As of now, Blankos Block Party is in the early access stage.

To play the early access, you need to download the launcher from the website. You can download it by visiting the official website and clicking on the download launcher button.

Select your device (PC or Mac) and download the launcher.

Blanko’s Marketplace

For buying and selling in-game assets and Blankos, Mythical Games has set up an impressive web store. To visit the marketplace, click on the official link. Once you are redirected, you will notice various assets for sale. These assets can include skins, gears, and Blankos themselves. To buy these products, first click on the signup option on the top right corner. All NFTs are kept in digital wallets so make sure you have a wallet like MetaMask set up.

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