Axie Origin Season 0 will follow Axie Origin's off-season phase


Axie Origin Season 0: Axie Origin Gears Up For Phase 3

Shivang Patel
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Axie Origin Alpha season averaged 3000 downloads per day and DAU witnessed a growth rate of 263.636%
Currently, Axie Origin is in the off-season phase as it prepares for the season 0
Season 0 will mark the transition from phase 2 to phase 3 for Axie Origin and is projected to release after a few weeks.

Axie Infinity is considered to be one of the pioneers in the blockchain gaming industry. Launched by Sky Mavis in March 2018, Axie Infinity has continued to top the charts and retain its dominance in the Web3 gaming market. However, unlike most other blockchain-based games, Axie Infinity has a significant entry barrier.

To combat this issue and to make the game more accessible Sky Mavis came up with the idea of Axie Origin. The introduction of Season 0 will mark the transition from phase two to phase three of the Axie Origin title. Apart from that, Season 0 will also bring many changes in the game mechanics. Users can expect to see new features, balance changes, and even the introduction of SLP rewards. Axie Origin was founded with the idea to make the transition into Web3 easier for new players. But since its launch on 7th April, Axie Origin has captivated user interest and is performing well as an individual title.

Alpha Season of Axie Origin

The Alpha season was a part of the phase two plan of Axie Origin. It was announced on 30th June and recently came to an end. During the Alpha season, Axie Origin achieved some serious milestones and showcased its potential as a competitive card battler. The daily active users of Axie Origin witnessed a growth of 263.636% and the downloads averaged around 3000 per day. Users who participated in the Alpha season would also receive $AXS rewards after the anti-cheat review of gameplay.

After the successful completion of the Alpha season, Axie Origin is currently moving into an off-season phase. Although players will be allowed to play the game and battle freely, there would be no additional rank-up rewards for them. Players should also remember to use the Moonshards, Moondust, and Ancient Moonstones as these would expire once Season 0 goes live. Rune and Charms are also not transferable but users can still disenchant them before Season 0 launches.

Season 0 of Axie Origin

Due to the fact that the Alpha season just ended, interested users will have to wait a few more weeks before Axie Origin Season 0 goes live. The introduction of Season 0 will mark the transition from phase two to phase three of Axie Origin. Players can expect to see massive changes which would enable this game to be a full-fledged Web3 project. Season 0 will introduce NFT Runes and Charms that would require both SLP and Moonshards to craft.

Season 0 will also mark the introduction of SLP rewards in Origin after they are successfully removed from Classic (V2). The emission of Origin SLP would be tuned conservatively to better balance the in-game economy. Doing so could also make SLP a valuable secondary token. The SLP emission is projected to be much lower than Classic (V2) and players who climb ranked and move up on the leaderboard would be entitled to more SLP rewards.

Although blockchain-based gaming has progressed significantly in the last few years, no other game has managed to disrupt the legacy of Axie Infinity. Axie Origin also recorded 800,000 early access downloads as the players gear up for the launch of Season 0. Despite many positives in the Alpha season, users will have to wait to see how phase 3 of Axie Origin pans out.

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