Mystic, Japanese, Summer, Xmas, and Shiny axies will earn extra points for battle victories through Axie Infinity's special contest


Axie Infinity’s ‘Special Contest’ Is Now Live

Indiradevi Kollipara
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Axie Infinity announced a ‘special contest’ for players having Mystic, Japanese, Summer, and Shiny Axies which started on 4th November 2022.
Players can earn milestones and get moon shards to craft runes and charms.
The inclusion of a ‘special contest’ could be one of the big moves to increase the active player count.

Axie Infinity started a special contest for players who have Mystic, Japanese, Summer, Shiny, and Christmas Axies. The contest is scheduled to end on 9th November 2022. This is a ‘special occasion’ that rewards players who have held these axies with more points in the battles. 

In this contest, players can earn up to 11 milestones. Moon shards will be given for each milestone and players can craft runes and charms. Notably, in September, game developer Sky Mavis announced that the Axie Infinity update titled “Origin” will be renamed to “Origins” to further emphasize the new content featuring “Origin Axies.”

Rewards in the special contest held by Axie Infinity 

In the special contest, players can achieve 11 milestones that have different rewards. These rewards include moon shards, moon dusts, ancient moonstones, and special stickers. Players can win battles in practice mode as well. Upon reaching the 11th milestone, players will receive an ‘extra cool’ along with the existing pool of rewards. The 11th milestone can be reached by getting 2000 points in total. Players start to achieve milestones by getting 5 points (Milestone 1) in the ‘special contest’.


  • 5 Contest points: Milestone 1

  • 10 Contest points: Milestone 2

  • 25 Contest points: Milestone 3 

  • 50 Contest points: Milestone 4

  • 100 Contest points: Milestone 5 

  • 250 Contest points: Milestone 6

  • 500 Contest points:Milestone 7

  • 750 Contest points: Milestone 8

  • 1000 Contest points: Milestone 9

  • 1500 Contest points: Milestone 10

  • 2000 Contest points: Milestone 11

Point system:

  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins (5 points)

  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with an Axie with at least one Mystic part (300 points)

  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with an Axie with at least one Japanese part (30 points)

  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with an Axie with at least one Christmas part (100 points)

  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with an Axie with at least one Summer part (10 points)

  • Win an Arena Battle in Origins with an Axie with at least one Shiny part (100 points)

  • Craft Any Rune (10 points)

  • Craft Any Charm (10 points)

  • Craft a Rare Rune (25 points)

  • Craft a Rare Charm (25 points)

  • Craft an Epic Rune (250 points)

  • Craft an Epic Charm (250 points)

Special Contest: A move to increase player count?

One can say that Axie Infinity’s evolution, from Axie Infinity V1 to the inclusion of Axie Infinity: Origin V3 has brought many players into web3 gaming. However, the declining value of the active player count and the decline of $AXS has raised eyebrows about the future of the game. The inclusion of the ‘special contest’ is perhaps a part of the ‘big picture’ plan of Sky Mavis to increase the active player count. Inactive players who have any of the Axies mentioned in the contest have greater incentives to get the most out of the game for a limited time.

We have to wait and see if these special contests bring in more players to the game or if they fade as one of the many failed efforts to bring back the game to its peak.

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