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Axie Infinity To Host a Series of Tournaments With a Net Prize Pool of $1 Million at AxieCon

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Axie Infinity has announced three esports tournaments in the lead up to Axie Con: Axie Classic World Championship, Axie: Origin BYOD Tournament and Axie: Origin Stadium Series which feature a combined prize pool of $1 million USD
Together, this combined prize pool represents one of the largest prize pools in Blockchain Gaming history
Sky Mavis have chosen Community gaming as the official Tournament Platform and Operations partner for all three tournaments

Sky Mavis, the developers behind Axie Infinity and Axie Origin– some of the biggest success stories within the blockchain gaming industry, is now pushing the esports part of the industry forward through their announcement of three esports tournaments, Axie Infinity World Championship, Axie: Origin BYOD Tournament and Axie: Origin Stadium Series which will collectively offer $1 Million USD in prize money.

Axie Classic world championship with a prize pool of $500,000

Axie Classic World Championship

AxieCon will take place from September 7-10, 2022 In Barcelona Spain with the Axie: Classic World Championship headlining the event.

The tournament will take place in four phases and have its open qualifiers take place between July 28th to August 21st and will be divided into East and West Divisions where 16 players will be competing for a spot at the finals in Barcelona.

The first phase is the open qualifiers which will take place in a swiss styled format.. This round will consist of 32,000 players per region with only 1024 players qualifying for the second phase.

The second phase is the Swiss finals which will consist of the top 1024 players in the region, they will compete against each other for a shot at becoming one of the top 16 players who will qualify for the third phase.

The third phase is the regional finals and will have the top 16 players from the previous phase going head to head in a double elimination tournament. They will be fighting to be one amongst the last standing 8 players per region who will be moving on to AxieCon where they will compete in the finals.

The final phase of the tournament will be held at AxieCon in Spain where 8 players from the West and 8 players from the East will compete against each other for a chance at winning the lion’s share of the $500 Thousand prize pool!

Axie: Origin BYOD

Other than the Classic World championship, Axie will also be holding the Axie: Origin BYOD tournament for ticket holders who will be attending AxieCon and will feature a total prize pool of $400 Thousand.

Axie: Origin Stadium Series

The last and final tournament that will take place is the Axie: Origin Stadium Series, an open tournament for players of all skill levels to compete in and have a shot at a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

This will be hosted across several heats throughout AxieCon. Anyone can participate and the last player standing will have to go against the Axie Final Four which is a team composed of senior employees from Sky Mavis.

Tickets for AxieCon are currently available through the Axie Infinite website

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