Axie Infinity Aqua Runes and Charms

Axie Infinity: Origins Makes Changes to Aqua Runes and Charms in Preparation for Upcoming Season 2

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The Aqua Runes and Charms Sneak Peek is the latest in a lineup of updates currently being released periodically.
Players have demonstrated mixed reactions to the new updates revealed.
Updated the other rune and charm classes will be rolled out in the coming days.

Card-based strategy game Axie Infinity: Origins has recently made updates to its runes and charms in preparation for the upcoming Axie Origins Season 2. Runes and charms are used to power up Axies with new abilities and enhancements. Each Axie can only equip one rune, while up to six charms can be equipped to enhance its abilities.

The latest Axie Infinity update included changes to Aqua runes and charms, including the removal of the bloodlust rune and the addition of the Upstream Fighter, Tiny Bubble, and Giant Bubble runes. There were also attribute and rarity adjustments made to some of the older charms and the introduction of the Aquatic's Charm of Focus I and II. These updates are not final and may be changed before the start of Season 2 on December 14th.

Rune Changes

Axie Infinity rune changes

Axie Infinity

The Upstream Fighter, Tiny Bubble, and Giant Bubble runes are new additions. Some of the original Aqua Runes such as Hearty Warrior got attribute adjustments (25% damage buff in the case of Hearty Warrior). But the Heart of Ocean rune remains unchanged.

Some Axie community members have also pointed out how the Upstream Fighter rune makes the Aquas much more exciting. While others seem skeptical of the updates, arguing that they'll make the Aquas much weaker; especially with the removal of the Bloodlust rune. Considering many aqua players love the Bloodlust rune, it's easy to see how hard a pill the removal is to swallow.


Axie Infinity Charm Changes

Axie Infinity

As seen on the charm sneak peeks, there'll be no more HP charms for Aquas anymore. The Aquatic's Charm of Focus I & Aquatic's Charm of Focus II are new additions. Numerous attribute and rarity adjustments were also made across the other older charms.

This update is the fourth update released so far. Other runes and charms with sneak peeks already released are the Beast, Plant, Bug, and Bird Runes. The remaining three class runes & charms sneak peeks will be released by the Axie Infinity:Origins team in the coming days! The new card changes will follow after.

According to the team, though, none of these updates are final. Changes may be made right before Season 2 starts on December 14th. Overall, these updates aim to enhance the gameplay experience for players by providing new abilities and enhancements for their Axies.

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