Axie Infinity announced a bounty of $2500 USD for those who find exploits related to crafting resources


Axie Infinity Announces Bug Bounty Program With $2500 in Rewards

Zen Khurana
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Axie Infinity announced a bounty for those who find exploits and bugs related to crafting resources
Developers who report exploits can receive a $2500 USD value bounty reward

Axie Infinity recently announced on Twitter that it is offering a bounty for those who find exploits and bugs related to crafting resources. To receive the bounty, you must be the first to report any exploits related to crafting runes and charms that allow users to gain more crafting resources than normal.

People who are the first to report will receive AXS valued at $2500 USD as the bounty reward. The report will be verified by Sky Mavis after they have been submitted on Axie infinity’s Support page

Axie Infinity's Crafting System

Crafting in Axie Infinity is inspired from games like Minecraft and Diablo, and requires Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This system allows game assets to be combined with other in-game assets to create new and useful in-game assets and items.

Tokens can be combined to create new tokens that could have a higher value and higher utility. This will also lead to NFTs from other ecosystems entering the Axie Infinity universe, thus (potentially) creating an open ecosystem.

This will help develop a progression mechanic within the three-core gameplay features which is PvP (Competitive battles against other players), PvE (Story mode) and Terrariums (Axie homes) as well as allow for other NFTs from other blockchain games to have utility within the Axie universe, while aiming to prevent an oversupply of the Axie population.

This is not the first time that Axie Infinity has announced a bounty system for bugs. In April they employed the community's help and launched a bug bounty program after hackers drained $622 million in crypto from the Ronin network. Axie Infinity was offering up to $1 million in bounty that was paid in AXS

Axie Infinity is not the only game that utilized the community to tackle bugs. Rockstar also offered users rewards to find vulnerabilities within its games and rewarded upto $25,000. Riot Games also had a bounty system where users could find security flaws with its anti-cheat vanguard and be offered upto $100,000 in bug bounty. You can read more about this in detail here.

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