Anichess, powered by Animoca Brands, Lympo, and Play Magnus Group is a blockchain play-to-earn chess game that is scheduled to release in 2023


Anichess: All You Need to Know About the New Blockchain Chess Game

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Anichess, powered by Animoca Brands, Lympo, and Play Magnus Group is a blockchain play-to-earn chess game that is scheduled to release in 2023.
The game combines traditional chess gameplay with complex strategies that involve magic and wizardry.
Anichess could be integrated with Lympo and Play Magnus Group’s plan to create a metaverse in The Sandbox.

Anichess is a new blockchain chess game with a twist and is set to release in 2023. The game will consist of magical abilities and items that will have the potential to turn around a match. Players will get a chance to compete in chess matches but can devise new strategies with the help of features that would entice both traditional chess players and novices. The game is being developed by Animoca Brands and Lympo (Animoca Brands’ subsidiary company) in partnership with Play Magnus Group, World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen’s company. According to sources, some of the magical abilities that players can use include freezing one of the opponent’s pieces, hiding the opponent’s clock, and teleporting pieces. The game operates in the play-and-earn business model.

Tadas Marukas, CEO and co-founder at Lympo said, "The concept of Anichess will amplify the traditional chess experience with a new phenomenal strategic layer that will produce situations never seen before. Well-established game designers, super chess grandmasters, esports stars, and casual gamers are working together to deliver an action-packed blockchain chess experience."

What’s in store with Anichess?

From the trailer that was released on the Anichess YouTube handle, viewers can spot game features/ powers including Steal Manas, Defence Teleport, Destroy piece, Hide Opponent’s Clock, Arcane Bolt, and Magic Shield. Though there is no official description of each power yet, chess fans are surely in for an unconventional gameplay experience.

Tadas Marukas said in an interview that the game is made to “bridge the gap between casual gamers and people who play chess.” He further revealed that the game included spells, RNG Models, wizards, and “one or two dragons to spice it up.

It is interesting to note that on 16th February, Animoca Brands and Play Magnus Group announced that they were bringing PMG Meltwater Champions into the metaverse. Lympo also announced that they were introducing an NFT (Non Fungible Token) collection of Magnus Carlsen, Anish Giri, and Hans Niemann. Furthermore, PMG aims to enter The Sandbox to create an immersive experience for fans and chess enthusiasts in the metaverse.

In the announcement report, it was stated that these NFTs will be integrated into the upcoming games made by Lympo. This could probably mean that Anichess might integrate these NFTs in the reward pool and also be part of The Sandbox Metaverse that is in the works.

Is Anichess released yet?

The game will be released in 2023 but an official date has not been announced. The game is currently in the early stages of development. Recently, Tadas Marukas tweeted that he was looking forward to starting an esports event with Magnus Carlsen which will be powered by Anichess on account of Magnus’s No.1 standing in the FTX Crypto Cup.

What coin does the game use?

The game will be powered by Lympo’s $SPORT token as its primary utility token. This would open up access to the ecosystem and allow the players to gauge enhanced player experience.

Those who are interested can get the latest announcements and updates about Anichess on the official discord server and sign up for the newsletter.

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