MetaRace: All You Need To Know About Horse Racing in Metaverse

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MetaRace is a horse racing game built on the Caduceus blockchain.
Users can own different types of NFTs like Horses, Race Venues, Jockeys and accessories.
Users can breed their horses and can also compete in various races.

Ever since the rise of GameFi, developers have been looking to recreate all real-life experiences in the metaverse. The latest development in this regard is MetaRace. MetaRace is essentially a horse racing game where users can breed, race, and trade their virtual horses.

Horse Racing has remained as one of the most historic spectator sports in the world with roots dating back to ancient Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. With the advent of MetaRace, Horse racing makes its way into the metaverse. In MetaRace, there are several types of NFTs, these include, horses, jockeys, horse decoration, and even racing venues. In this metaverse, all mechanical horses have unique attributes and asset certificates as well as different accessories. Just like real horse racing, all the accessories will also have certain functions which might influence the race results.

NFT holders will earn different rewards based on the type of NFT they hold in MetaRace. For example, Horse owners will earn rewards based on their tournament and Grand Prix ranking but on the other hand, race course owners will receive eight percent of the race registration fees and two percent bonus fees from the bets placed on their race course.

What can you do in MetaRace?


MetaRace features can be broadly divided into two main categories – Breeding and Races. All horses have six gene types – Speed, Endurance, Acceleration, Control, Steering, and Grip.

Based on the pros and cons of each gene, all horses have a different impact on the races.

The quality of genes also matters when horses are bred to produce offspring.

To breed horses in the MetaRace, users must own at least one horse NFT: either a stallion, mare or both. If a user wishes to breed their mare with a stallion, they would be subject to pay the stallion NFT holder a breeding fee. This fee is usually 1000 $RACE and 50 $META tokens. After successfully breeding, the new offspring belongs to the mare owner, and the stallion owner is only owed the fees. Depending on the attributes of the stallion and mare, the attributes of new offspring are determined. Better attributes will be beneficial in the races and will also fetch higher prices in the secondary marketplace.


As of now, there are three competition modes in MetaRace with three more planned for future releases. Current modes include

Integral Tournament (Free Race)

This tournament is specifically designed for new players. Here they will have the opportunity to learn the basics and increase their competition level ratings. Players do not need to stake any crypto currency to compete in this tournament.


There are five competition levels with one being the highest and five lowest. Users can only participate in the races in correspondence to their horse level which also ranges from one to five. In tournament mode, users pay an entry fee depending on the distance of the race course. Horses that secure the first five positions are rewarded 80% of the race entry fees.

Grand Prix

This is the most coveted competition based on an elimination format. These are only scheduled at specific times by MetaRace and 12 horses compete in various elimination rounds to determine the top three.

How to play MetaRace

According to the roadmap on the official website, MetaRace is still in development Phase 1. So interested users will have to wait at least until Phase 4 for news or announcements related to the official launch date or to obtain beta access to the game.

MetaRace Marketplace

MetaRace marketplace will be extensively used to trade assets between players. Apart from mechanical horses, accessories like saddles, headwear, and tail decoration will be available. Jockeys will also have their own accessories like helmets and silks. Accessories will grow to be an important part of the races because of the impact that they will have on them.

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