Axie Infinity is a game that revolves around the collection, breeding and battling of digital creatures known as Axies.


Where to buy Axies for Axie Infinity?

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Axie Infinity is a blockchain game revolving around collection, breeding and battling of digital creatures known as Axies.
You can buy, sell and trade in-game Axies to upgrade your lineup or to earn money

Axie Infinity is a game that revolves around the collection, breeding and battling of digital creatures known as Axies. These can then be traded and sold for digital currency, which allows players to seamlessly buy, sell, and trade their game assets. However, to get started with the game players need to buy three Axies from the marketplace. New users or often left confused on where to buy these Axies and the location of this marketplace. So here is a guide on where to buy Axies.

Where to Buy Axies for Axie Infinity?

Players can buy Axies from the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Make sure to set your filters to ‘Adult,’ Breed Count as zero, and Purity as six if you’re starting out with the game. Once you are more familiar with the game, you can experiment with the filters a little more.

How to Choose 3 Axies that you want to buy for getting started

In Axie Infinity, players need to purchase three types of Axies to have a smooth onboarding experience: Front Axie, Middle Axie, Back Axie.

Front Axie: The front Axie usually needs high base health (55 HP and above) and should ideally be a Plant, Reptile or Dusk class. Try to pick cards that have a good shield to help you survive the round while you build up your combo cards and energy.

Middle Axie: The middle Axie is usually the most versatile one in your lineup. They can either act as a second line of defense or be used to gain energy to prepare for combo attacks or attack the opponent to soften them up for the back Axie.

Back Axie: The back Axie should usually be a pure damage unit that can finish off the opponents with high speed stats and Backdoor cards with it.Make sure to pick out and purchase Axies that have a 0 breed count, as it will allow you to breed your own Axies in the future to create more Axies that you can either use to play or sell for money.

The Axie Marketplace which allows you to purchase Axies as well as land plots

Axie Infinity

How to buy Axies for Axie Infinity?

1. Download a digital Wallet

Due to the nature of Axie infinity and the fact it runs off cryptocurrency, you need a digital wallet. There are few wallets out there but experienced Axie players as well as Axie themselves recommend Metamask.

Once you have the wallet set up, load it up with Ethereum (ETH). This is the crypto needed by the game to buy Axie.

2. Next up, you need a Ronin Wallet:

Ronin is a side-chain that is built by Sky Mavis. This is where all Axie transactions and transactions take place. You can find the wallet as an extension for Chrome and Firefox as well as Android and IOS. This is where you’ll store your Axies and WETH.

3. Convert ETH to WETH

To get started, you will have to convert your ETH to WETH. WETH is Wrapped Ethereum which means it is the tokenized version of Ethereum and is linked to the value of the original coin.

To convert, you can buy ETH and store it in your digital wallet such as Metamask. Then you can use the Ronin Bridge to convert ETH to WETH. This will be needed to buy Axie.

4. Get your Axies!

You can directly browse and buy your Axies from the official marketplace using your Ronin wallet!! Simply go to the marketplace and log in with your Ronin Wallet. Once you have set up your account, you can start buying Axie’s!

Once you have your Axies, you’re ready to start playing. Simply download the app and get started!

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