Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Web3 games and Last Stand is an interesting game mechanic


What Is Last Stand in Axie Infinity?

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Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Web3 games that is constantly updated with new battle mechanics.
One of these mechanics is Last Stand. This allows players to gain a competitive advantage before your Axie Collapses.
This guide will give you all the information you need to know about utilizing Last Stand.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Web3 games which gets new updates and frequently introduces new battle mechanics. Since the battles run on Random Number Generators (RNG) or other randomly generated mechanics such as criticals (crits), luck plays a key role in deciding the outcome of the matches.

One of the mechanics in the game is called Last Stand. This allows you to just get those few hits in before your Axie collapses, hopefully turning the tides of the match in your favor. This guide will discuss what Last Stand is, how to trigger it, and how you can use it to your advantage and block other players from using the Last Stand mechanic.

What is Last Stand in Axie Infinity?

When your opponent deals a critical hit, reducing your Axie’s health to 0, you might see a flame surround your Axie while it is still in battle. This is your Axie entering Last Stand. This allows the Axie to perform a few more cards and take a few more hits before it gets eliminated and removed from the match.

While your Axie is in Last Stand, you might notice red bars ranging from one to five numbers over the Axie. This is the number of Last Stand turns it has and as you perform an in-game action the bar will reduce. The red bars basically determine how many turns you have. For example, two red bars on your Axie indicate that you can perform two cards, after which your Axie will be eliminated.

An important tip: Pure breed Axies have a higher chance to enter Last Stand because of the higher Morale they might have. Pure Axies have higher Morale compared to other Axies.

You might see a flame surround your Axie while it is still in the battle. This is your Axie entering Last Stand

How to determine if your Axie will enter Last Stand?

Determining whether or not your Axie will enter Last Stand is a bit tricky and you will need to do some math. The formulas that you see down below are from the community and need to be taken with a pinch of salt since they are not official.

The two factors that play a role in determining whether your Axie will enter Last Stand are Excess Damage and Morale Modifier. To find out your Excess Damage, calculate the Damage of the enemy’s fatal attack and subtract your Axie’s remaining HP.

Excess Damage: Damage of Fatal Attack – Axie’s remaining HP

To find the Morale Modifier, you multiply the Axie’s existing HP by its Morale and divide it by 100.

Morale Modifier: Axie’s remaining HP x Morale / 100

If your Morale Modifier is higher than the Excess Damage from the opponent’s last attack, your Axie will enter Last Stand!

How to prevent your opponents from entering Last Stand?

There are ways to ensure your enemy does not gain the upper hand and prevent them from entering Last Stand. Firstly, make sure that your finishing blow deals a huge amount of damage. So, order your deck correctly and try to put your target’s health as close to zero before hitting them with your finishing blow!

Players can use specific cards that contain effects that block enemies from entering Last Stand. Some cards can also lower your Axie’s morale. These include:

  • Puffy Smack — Skip targets that are there in Last Stand

  • Hero’s Bane — End the target’s Last Stand

  • Star Shuriken — Target cannot enter Last Stand if it brings opponents HP to zero

  • Rampant Howl — Apply Morale+ to your team for 2 rounds

  • Grub Explode — Deal 200% damage when attacking in Last Stand

  • Revenge Arrow — Deal 150% damage if this Axie is in Last Stand

  • Scale Dart — Draw a card if the target is in Last Stand

  • Nitro Leap — Strike first if this Axie is in Last Stand

This is everything you need to know about using Last Stand to dominate your opponents and gain the competitive advantage. This will also ensure opponents do not get the better of you on your journey to the top of the leaderboard.

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