TokenTrove is one of the most popular marketplaces on the Immutable X blockchain platform owing to its high transaction volume


TokenTrove: How to Withdraw from This Immutable X Marketplace

Shivang Patel
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TokenTrove is a premier Immutable X marketplace.
This platform manually selects the projects that appear on its marketplace to ensure a safe environment for customers.
TokenTrove features a well-laid-out two-step withdrawal process.

In the Web3 industry, users have more control over their funds and transactions unlike traditional banking systems, where a central entity has the right to approve or disapprove one’s transactions. Blockchain technology decentralizes the power and ensures that the interests of users are safeguarded. TokenTrove is a premier Immutable X marketplace that hosts a variety of Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) collections on its platform. However, gaming NFTs in particular have been a huge success for TokenTrove.

What is TokenTrove?

TokenTrove started as a service for the Gods Unchained game. The company curated data, statistics, and information that were not generally available on the blockchain and made them openly available. However, upon further growth, TokenTrove has transformed into a full-fledged Immutable X marketplace.

Projects on TokenTrove are manually selected and verified, making this marketplace free from scams and lookalike projects. Currently, TokenTrove boasts some of the highest transaction volumes among other Immutable X and is very popular among users willing to trade gaming NFTs. While Gods Unchained NFTs were among the first to be featured on this platform, TokenTrove has since expanded to feature other popular projects like Guild of Guardians and Ember Sword.

How to withdraw from TokenTrove?

With cases of fraud increasing by the day in the Web3 sector, users must thoroughly understand the withdrawal process of their favorite marketplaces. Withdrawals in TokenTrove are performed via a two-stage process. The first part is preparing for withdrawal. Here the transaction gets moved into “pending.” The second step involves completing the withdrawal and moving the transaction to the main chain. However, users must be aware that this withdrawal process costs gas fees.

Withdrawal processes are irreversible so users must make sure that they have enough gas fees to cover the transactions. TokenTrove has no control over the first step but pending withdrawals usually get confirmed in 24 hours. Immutable X generally processes withdrawals in a large batch so it is very likely that your withdrawal gets processed along with other transactions. However, in case of any problem, users can contact Immutable X support directly.

Because of the fact that the blockchain industry is on a rise, many novice users are often tricked into giving out confidential information. To safeguard oneself from various scams and phishing attempts, it is of utmost importance to know the details about the various services that one uses regularly in this industry.

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