Axie Infinity has a vast ecosystem that results in different playstyles, allowing for players to be hands on or become a collector


The Axie Infinity Collectors Guide

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The Axie Infinity ecosystem is a vast one, developed for different types of players from collectors to hands-on competitive players.
This guide will work on introducing new collectors to some of the rarest Axies for your collection

Whether it’s a new user entering the Axie infinity ecosystem or an existing collector, everyone at one point has asked themselves whether which Axie should they buy or how to start collecting within the Axie Universe.In this guide, we’ll cover how to get started, how to identify which Axie is right for you and the different types of Axies

Within the blockchain, there is a great trend of ensuring and enabling full ownership of digital assets and Axie Infinity is a game that pushes this forward. In Axie Infinity, players have the opportunity to buy, sell, trade and breed Axies.

Within the community, there are many different types of players and most commonly you should ask yourself what your goals are while playing Axie Infinity.

Mystic Axies

Mystic Axies holds a special place for collectors due to its rarity and high sales price as well as the in-game benefits.

Mystic Axies are Axies with special body parts. These Axies hold a special place for collectors due to its rarity and high sales price as well as the in-game benefits. The mystic title is extended to rare land and in-game items as well as Axie. In total there are 1374 total Mystics in existence.

At Presale, there was a chance your Origin Axie could spawn in with Mystic Parts which was a 1 in 18 chance. These parts usually have distinct visual differences. These Mystic parts cannot be inherited or recreated. The current cheapest Mystic Axie on the Axie Marketplace is 11 ETH $15.5 thousand USD)

Axies can possess more than one Mystic and ones that are double or higher are even rarer. You have a 33% chance of your origin Axie possessing a mystic part. Their unique looks provide Mystic Parts with unique artwork and a special purple tag on their names.

Since they cannot be bred, when you roll an Origin Axie, you have a 1/18 chance to be born with Mystic Parts. The probabilities work as

  • Single Mystic — 25%

  • Double Mystic — 3.68%

  • Triple Mystic — 0.28%

  • Quad Mystic — 0.0127%

  • Penta Mystic — 0.000299%

  • Hexa Mystic — 0.0000000294%

You can also buy Mystic Axie on the Axie Infinity Marketplace or OpenSea. You can also obtain Mystic Axies through contests and tournaments and other special events.

Origin Axies

Origin Axies are considered to be the first ever Axies to exist within the game.

These Axies are considered to be the first ever Axies to exist within the game. They have different poses as compared to normal Axies and even a different winning pose. They are the only Axies that arent born through breeding.

Starting their sale in 2018, there are only 4,088 Origins. They are the first tagged Axies but lack any other aesthetic or in-game benefits. However holders do get other advantages such as being utilized as a passport to the closed beta of the game.

These are respected from a collector’s point of view, but the lack of in-game utility of benefits usually deters people away from these. Currently on OpenSea the cheapest Origin Axie is 1.1455 ETH or $1618 USD

MEO Corp Axies

MEO Corp Axies carry a special tag also like Origin Axies and can be sold

Axie Egg Coin or MEO tokens are tokens that can be exchanged for an MEO Corp Axie. You need 5 tokens for 1 Axie. These are rare Axies as they are bred from the MEO token, you can check out the Axie Lab to find a section to make this exchange.

They aren’t bred from other Axies making them similar to Origin Axies. They carry a special tag also like Origin Axies and can be sold. The cheapest MEO on the The Axie Infinity is currently sitting at 0.395 ETH or $557 USD

These are the rarest types of Axies with only three in existence. These Axies are a collectors dream

Agamogenesis Axies

These are the rarest types of Axies. Only three of them exist. The legend is that three Axies are genetically engineered Axies that were developed by the MEO Corporation and contain legendary body parts known as Bionic Parts.

Two out of three of these Axies were Sharded, which means there is a split ownership among a large group of people at a certain valuation. While the other is

Axie held a bid for all three of these Axies back in 2018. The 3 Axies are :

  • Durendal who is a reptile class Axie with a unique Lime Green Body Color. This Axie was last sold in 2020 for 60 ETH or $85,749 USD and was not Sharded.

  • The next Axie up for bid was Huateclere which is an Aquatic Class featuring a red lobster color and was sharded for a valuation of 50 ETH or $70,624 USD

  • Finally is Almace, a beast class Axie with a unique Blue body color. This was shared as a value of 40 ETH or $56,499 USD.

Axie Infinity is a game that was made for all different playstyles, from hands-on players looking to rise up the ranks of the leaderboard to collectors who want to expand their collection and portfolio and work towards getting every type of Axie possible. There are many different types of Axies and with this guide you can know which one is valuable for your collection and which one you might want to skip out on

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