Star Atlas: Here’s How You Can Mine Resources in This Space Exploration Game

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Star Atlas is a space exploration game built on the Solana Blockchain</p></div>
Star Atlas is a space exploration game built on the Solana Blockchain


Star Atlas is a space exploration game built on the Solana blockchain.
Mining is one of the most important economic activities inside of Star Atlas metaverse.
Users will need to spend certain amounts of $ATLAS tokens if they do not have the essential equipment for mining such as extractors.

In recent times, we have been witnessing Web3 titles flooding the gaming market. From various card battlers to MMORPG games, developers have started taking the idea of blockchain gaming with serious conviction. Out of the countless titles that are available in the market right now, very few of them have managed to reach the success level of Star Atlas.

Star Atlas is a blockchain-based space exploration game built on the Solana blockchain. It is a vast and open multiplayer metaverse set in the year 2620. The implementation of blockchain technology makes Star Atlas transparent and makes sure that user interests are at the forefront of any new changes or developments.

What can you do in Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is considered to be a blockchain-based AAA-rated game. This means that the game combines fantastic graphics with a well-designed storyline to retain user engagement. Star Atlas uses Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite which allows users to relish a visually appealing cinematic experience. The Star Atlas metaverse takes users on a journey through space where they encounter numerous perils and dangers on their path to conquer other planets. Star Atlas is further divided into two modes:

Player vs Environment (PvE) mode

In the Star Atlas metaverse, users go on quests and missions to obtain various resources. In the PvE mode, players engage in combat with NPCs or other computer-based virtual entities. Competing in PvE mode enables users to farm a variety of resources from discovered planets.

Player vs Player (PvP) mode

When new planets are discovered, players will need to fight each other in a faction-based battle. The main objective of this battle is to obtain resources and maintain control of the territories.

How to mine resources in Star Atlas?

In a truly decentralized game like Star Atlas, there needs to be an appropriate mechanism to introduce NFTs or other in-game products in the market. Although there is plenty of things a user can do inside Star Atlas, mining remains one of the most important economic pillars of the game. However, mining is not completely free since users will need suitable NFTs or $ATLAS tokens to purchase the required equipment. Mining provides users with resources that can be traded in the marketplace or can be used to create a variety of in-game assets. Although all players can start mining, not every user can mine with the same efficiency. The mining productivity of a player is based on skill. So increasing the mining skill will grant players more resources and will decrease the time required to mine. To mine in Star Atlas, users must have certain types of equipment. These include:


Extractors are directly responsible for mining raw materials and additional fuel. This machine needs to be purchased or produced before a user can start mining. Maintenance cost for extractors includes Land Value tax and fuel to transport cargo into orbit.


Although extractors can mine raw materials, users will need to convert them into usable resources and refiners do this conversion. The refinery deck will cost a certain amount of atlas and will charge land value tax as the maintenance cost. Refiners will yield refined materials as crafting inputs. Users can then choose to sell resources or research them to produce new technology.

Star Atlas has acquired the audience's interest and is regarded as one of the most popular blockchain games. With unique concepts and a plethora of earning opportunities, Star Atlas has seemingly created a strong legacy for itself in the blockchain gaming space. Even though the concept of Star Atlas differs from prominent game genres in the market today, it has only propelled users to try out the new innovations that the game has to offer.

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