Splinterlands is a play-to-earn trading card game


Splinterlands: Here’s How You Can Earn Money in This Trading Card Game

Shivang Patel
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Splinterlands is a trading card game based on the Hive blockchain.
Players can choose to play from five different modes on both mobile and desktop devices.
There are three main tokens in the Splinterlands ecosystem– Credits, Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC), and Splintershards ($SPS)

Trading card games have topped the charts in this new and upcoming era of blockchain-based gaming. These games have no device constraints and the in-game mechanics are easy to understand for both new and experienced players. Splinterlands, a trading card game based on Hive blockchain, has emerged as the market leader in the Web3 gaming segment. In Splinterlands, players battle each other using cards and can take part in quests and tournaments.

What can you do in Splinterlands?

The gameplay of Splinterlands is card-centric featuring over 283 cards each varying in stats and costs. Players can play, trade, and earn rewards by playing from both mobile and desktop devices. Splinterlands features five different game modes for users to choose from:

1. How to Play mode

Users who are new to the game and want to be familiar with the structure and mechanics of Splinterlands can test out the How to Play mode. Designed to be a tutorial, this mode will help users get an idea of how battles work in Splinterlands.

2. Practice mode

Players that want to casually play the game without the risk of losing rank on the leaderboard should try out the practice mode. This mode is an ideal place to experiment with decks and strategies to perform better in competitive modes.

3. Challenge mode

Challenge is another casual mode where players can challenge each other to prove their skills. Just like Practice mode, matches played in challenge mode do not impact a player's position on the leaderboard.

4. Ranked mode

Ranked is one of the more serious and competitive modes of Splinterlands. Players in ranked work towards improving their ratings, complete daily quests, and compete to win Season rewards on the leaderboard.

5. Tournament mode (Not available on the app)

Splinterlands sponsors multiple tournaments every day. Apart from the company, individual players can also create their tournaments and put up any prize they see fit.

How to earn in Splinterlands?

Splinterlands ecosystem consists of three tokens that served varied purposes in the game:


Credits are used to make purchases in Splinterlands. Players can buy packs, cards, and other items in the Splinterlands shop but outside of Splinterlands, credits have zero monetary value. Players can earn Credits by being a part of Splinterlands affiliate system as all referral bonuses are paid in Credits. This token has a pegged value of 1000 Credits = $1 USD.

Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC)

$DEC is the Play-to-Earn reward token for Splinterlands. Players can earn $DEC from Modern and Wild ranked battles once they have purchased the Summoner’s Spellbook. $DEC can only be won from Bronze three league to Champions one league. $DEC can be used to purchase expensive items and rent cards.

Splintershards ($SPS)

$SPS is the governance token of Splinterlands. Players can earn $SPS tokens for every NFT and $DEC token they own. Players receive $SPS in proportion to the rarity of their items. $SPS is used to enter tournaments and can be staked to receive passive income.

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