Mir4 features radiance dragon mir, an epic light spirit that was first introduced on 19th April.


Mir4: All You Need To Know About Radiance Dragon Mir

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Spirits are special characters that have specific skills and they provide users with certain bonuses and benefits.
Radiance Dragon Mir is an epic light spirit that was first introduced in the 19th April patch
Radiance Dragon Mir has three skills and one passive effect.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) have adapted very well to blockchain technology. Launched by South Korean firm WeMade in 2021, Mir4 has emerged as one of the most prominent MMORPG titles in the blockchain gaming sector. With frequent updates and no device constraints, Mir4 has managed to attract hordes of players to its platform. In the 19th April patch note, Mir4 introduced a new spirit called the Radiance Dragon Mir.

What are Spirits in Mir4?

Spirits can be described as non-playable character (NPC) companions in the game. These are tiny characters possessing special abilities that help players in a variety of ways. Spirits hand out certain bonuses to users and also help upgrade their abilities. All spirits have different abilities: some may help in increasing critical attack damage, and others may increase the item drop rate or boost health. In Mir4, Spirits are divided into the following classes in order of their increasing rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Skills of Radiance Dragon Mir

The epic light spirit Radiance Dragon Mir was first announced in the 19th April patch note. While much information was not given to players at the time of release, developers introduced the passive effect and skills of Radiance Dragon Mir:

Passive Effect

Once summoned Radiance Dragon Mir grants a bonus of 20 Physical Defense

Cintamani Stone:

This skill increases the max HP by 800 and PHYS ATK by 80. Apart from this, Cintamani Stone will also boost Spell ATK by 80 and accelerates energy gathering time by 10%.

Harmonious Light

Harmonious Light will increase both Hunting EXP and Hunting Copper Gain by 15%. This skill will also boost the item and lucky drop chance by 10%.

Light’s Benediction

This is one of the most powerful skills of Radiance Dragon Mir. Upon a hit, there will be a 10% chance to recover 9% of max HP for three seconds. Light’s Benediction will also enforce a 42 seconds cooldown.

How to get Epic Spirits in Mir4?

To obtain epic spirits, users will first need to collect 200 Epic Blue Dragon statues. These statues are provided on successful completion of certain quests and can be collected from drops during boss fights. Once the Epic Blue Dragon statues have been collected, players should head over to the Bicheon Castle to meet Blue Dragon Craftsman known as “Dampyo.” Players should visit him to craft an Epic Blue Dragon Coffer (Spirit) and collect the epic spirits from the loot box drops.

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