GUDecks is a community platform that provides information about various cards, decks, win-rate, and even the price of a particular deck.


Gods Unchained: All You Need to Know About GUDecks

Shivang Patel
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Gods Unchained is a Free-to-Play game based on the Play-to-Earn model.
GUDecks is a community platform that provides information about various cards, decks, win-rate, and even the price of a particular deck.
The deck builder feature of GUDecks is very helpful for players looking to play with particular cards.

Blockchain gaming is the biggest phenomenon in the Web3 space at the moment. While new titles are flooding the market every day, fan-favorite titles like Gods Unchained are still enjoying their position as the frontrunners. In the blockchain gaming industry, the success of a title is highly dependent on the community support it receives. Although Gods Unchained is one of the most successful blockchain-based card games, a significant part of its success can be attributed to GUDecks, a community-based platform. GUDecks provides users with a plethora of information about different aspects of Gods Unchained to help them maximize their success.

What can you do in Gods Unchained?

Based on the trading card genre, Gods Unchained has a negligible skill barrier. As a result, both new and experienced players can truly enjoy the game without needing to spend hours mastering the in-game mechanics. The basic premise of Gods Unchained is to bring down the opponent's God's health to zero. Players assemble a deck of 30 cards to achieve this objective. With over 13 Million NFTs and 65,000 unique asset holders, Gods Unchained has enjoyed thorough support from its community.

The game provides users with various exciting game modes like Solo, Ranked, and Direct Challenge to keep them engaged and entertained. True to its Play-to-Earn roots, players are given various earning opportunities by staking their tokens, winning matches, or taking part in governance activities.

What is GUDecks?

GUDecks is an important pillar that enhances community engagement and furthers the interaction among the Gods Unchained players. For new users, it serves as a one-stop solution where they can gain information about different cards and learn how to create decks using the cards they already possess. GUDecks not only educates the newcomers but also has a separate section where experienced users can view the decks that are currently in the meta and compare their win rates.

As an active community-based platform, players can head over to the "Top Decks'' section and catch a glimpse of some of the best player-made decks. Users can check the win rate, the number of matches, card distribution, and even the estimated price.

However, for a lot of fans, the most useful feature that GUDecks offers has to be the custom deck builder. Players can select the God along with its God power and include other supporting cards that the player might want to keep in their deck. The system then creates a custom deck as per the user's requirement.

GUDecks is a prominent platform which ensures that the community of players is always kept engaged and entertained. With useful tools, important resources, and recognition from the game publisher, GUDecks serves as a constant reminder about the benefits of community building.

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