DAOlympic Rush is a competitive 3D based multiplayer parkour racing game


Everything You Need to Know About DAOlympic Rush

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DAOlympics is a blockchain based sports game that features NFT assets that can be minted and traded
This is a competitive 3D based multiplayer parkour racing game where players control runners to compete with other players to earn rewards

DAOlympics is a blockchain based sports game with the first release being DAOlympic Rush. This is a competitive 3D based multiplayer parkour racing game where players control runners to compete with other players to earn tokens. The game also consists of NFT assets which can be minted and traded.

The game is being developed by a team based in Hongkong with talent from some of the biggest names such as ByteDance, Tencent and more.

You can check out the concept teaser trailer here

DAOlympics aims to decentralize esports

Esports is often regarded as a battleground for only the elites that play video games. DAOlympics is looking to change this by allowing spectators of esports to now be a part of the gaming ecosystem. It claims to do this through in-game clubs that retain power within the community rather than deferring it to large organizations, resulting in an integrated and hands-on community.

Gamers are the ones who can work and build different in-game events through the ‘Foundation Vault’ which puts them in charge. The revenue of the game goes back to the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which will allow participants to be a part of developing the game’s infrastructure, allowing them to make a game that the community wants all while letting them manage their memberships and also educating gamers on how to make games. As the game pushed for being decentralized, the community has the opportunity to be more hands on and this will result in the community getting more revenue.

DAOlympics Gameplay

DAOlympics consists of multiple game modes. The first one is idle mode which combines AI technology and doesn’t require a hands-on approach. This acts as the typical Player vs AI (single player) format. The other game mode is competitive mode which allows you to control your runner and go head-to-head against other players.

Those looking to be a part of the competition and rise to the top can become runner trainers allowing players to challenge top ranked players. Both types of players have different revenue opportunities and earning methods.

The game is currently in development with the team releasing teasers on their twitter page

The gameplay consists of three core aspects:

Runner NFT: These can be NFT assets that can be traded, collected, and bred through gene fusion and can be upgraded. The runners have basic attributes as well as well four new features which are:

· Gene Fusion and Talent

· Equipment Components

· Skill Card Combination

· Recession Mechanisms

Along with this, the runners, stadiums, equipment as well as skills are all NFT assets which have the ability to be minted and traded as well as being sold on the Marketplace. DAOlympics claims to be the world's first 3D based blockchain game that supports millions of appearance combinations.

User-generated content: This takes center stage within the DAOlympics. This allows users to create personalized designs and edit the stadium as well as running tracks which are given to players for free. This will also allow other IPs to cross the bridge and come into DAOlympics Rush.Its decentralized nature ensures that the users own the commercial rights and the generated content.

Multiple Identities: This depends on how hands-on you want to be with the game. If you’re interested in passive income and investing, players can be a part of the runner investors and participate in trading activities.

Daolympic Rush allows you to customize and create characters how you like

DAOlympics is currently in early development, but the project holds promise, looking to not only make esports more accessible to a large community but also ensure that the community is what holds the power of the DAO and the games infrastructure as well as providing various revenue streams.

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